Let me just start by saying my session gave me goosebumps. I can honestly say a sit down with Kisha has continuously lit my fuel. When I’m feeling discouraged I think back on our conversation and instantly feel reignited.


The power is within me but Laishahelpsp me focus my energy. Since our session, I’ve become more purposeful with how I spend my time, what I do with my mental energy, and overall I’ve been living a more intentional life. Thank you 


- Diva Green (Entrepreneur: I Got Your Black) 

Lakisha is amazing! She’s calls you out on your shit with love and passion. She’s sees through your core and can see the real you. The you you’re afraid to let people see. She cheers you on as you take on a new paradigm and work toward your goals. The accountability is key and she is here for it! She’s one of the best hands down🔥🔥


- Jasmine Johnson


Lakisha put together all the pieces. I came to her with my action, my current mindset, and my goals. Within the first 5 minutes, I knew I was hiring her as my coach.


What's powerful about a call with Lakisha is that she gets down to what you need on every level. It isn't just the high-level action but every piece in between where you are now and where you are going. I have that fire back in my business and everything is coming together!



Sarah Jean - Actress