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Easton Rodriguez

Watch Hunter X Hunter - 143

Tsubone, who is following the airship Killua is on from the ground realizes she is being watched and wonders who is capable of tailing her while she is tailing somebody else. She climbs the highest tree and ponders that she has felt far away eyes upon her since the mission began which she can't shake off. She calls out to Amane telling her that they are going to fly and predicting correctly that Killua will take advantage of the cloudy sky. Tsubone then uses her Rider's High become a small glider plane which Amane jumps upon. Tsubone thinks that while they are in the cloud nobody can watch them and tells Amane to take down any suspicious aircrafts.

Watch Hunter X Hunter - 143


Tsubone in the sky contemplates that she hasn't felt anyone watching them since entering the sky which means they were indeed tailed before. Inside the airship Killua remarks that the clouds have cleared up which should be fine since they are far from the hospital but that if anybody sees Alluka enter the hospital that Tsubone will say her powers are revealed and will take them straight home. He states that if he clears the area things will be much easier for Illumi to act and that taking the airship to the hospital would be difficult and muses that Gotoh's idea to drive a car straight into the hospital might be best. He then calls Canary telling her he can't reach Gotoh which she replies she can't either. He then instructs her to call Hishita and tell him to send cars immediately to the following three locations. Canary understands. Killua then contemplates that they lost the ground pursuit by flying above the ground and that they will be fine until they reach the car. After that, they must choose which route to take to the hospital. Killua mentally urges Gon to hang in there.

Killua then contemplates that Alluka has the strength of regular child and that an attack from a Needle Person could be lethal, he wonders what to do and decides to summon Something (Nanika). Tsubone and Amane then arrive and Tsubone states that she was completely tricked since his mother can see everything she sees through her scope and that she probably transmitted the video to Illumi. He confirms this, saying she acted as his spy. She goes on to tell them that one the clouds cleared she again felt eyes upon her and realized the truth since the timing was too perfect. Illumi remarks that her feeling them watching her is very impressive and that now she know the truth she can't remove her monocle since his mom ordered her to wear it, which she confirms. Alluka then requests the nail from her middle finger, which shocks Illumi. Tsubone proceeds to tear it off and throw it to Killua, who drops it into Alluka's hands. Alluka then requests the nail from her ring finger, which she removes and tosses to Killua who drops it in her hand. Alluka then turns into Something (Nanika). Tsubone tells Killua to make his wish, saying she and Amane will take care of the rest and asking to be allowed to make amends for impeding his mission. Illumi then asks Killua if he is going to do it and says it is fine, asking if he is going to use the same process save Gon. Since if he sacrifices Amane and Tsubone to kill him he won't have any difficulty to sacrifice a bunch of strangers to save Gon. Illumi then contemplates rule 5 which states that no one can make two wishes in a row.

Hisoka watching from the treeline ponders whether it is more fun to kill Alluka and gain Killua's wrath or to spare Alluka, save Gon and make Illumi his enemy. Tough call... Illumi then tells him if he says yes he is happy to die and that his inner mission will have succeeded and that it is against the rules for family members to kill each other but that the thing that will grant his wish isn't family. While tears appear in Killua's eyes, Illumi contemplates that there must be a secret rule that makes rule 5 not apply to Killua and that if his death means that no other family member will die that's acceptable, since this will make Killua suffer for the rest of his life and he will live in his heart forever. He then tells him he is offering him a deal his death for his word that he will make the wish himself to save Gon. Hisoka hiding in the treeline contemplates that Alluka will live while Illumi dies and he won't earn Killua's wrath, so that when Gon is healed he would neither gain or lose anything. In which case he will kill Alluka to gain Killua's wrath and then kill Killua to gain Illumi's wrath, which he considers to be the best choice.

@Guardian Enzo: How about a marathon? Rewatch the entire series, take notes along the way, and make a big review of the series as a whole to contrast the string of detailed posts directed at individual episodes.

I've been watching it piecemeal over the last several months, to be honest. I realize it's not the same as watching it every week as I have the new series, but I have to confess I do find the 2011 better in every way. There's some original material in the '99, but I haven't seen any so strong that it makes me feel compelled to sit down and marathon the entire thing.

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