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Demi Lovato - Give Your Heart A Break

Originally, it was announced the second single from the album "Who's That Boy" (featuring Dev),[2] but later was scrapped due to Dev's pregnancy. "Give Your Heart a Break" was written and produced by Josh Alexander and Billy Steinberg, who are known for her work on The Veronicas' sophomore studio album, Hook Me Up, as well as JoJo's "Too Little Too Late".[3][4] Alexander is credited with having a bigger hand in the song's production, handling all the instruments while programming, recording and engineering the song.[3] Chris Garcia shared engineering credits with Alexander while Scott Roewe is credited with providing Logic and Pro Tools technology.[3] According to MTV, Lovato explained that despite the play on the word "heartbreak" in the title, the song is about the exact opposite. "Last year I began working on a song about a different kind of love," she said. "It's a song about showing someone you love that you're the one right in front of them. This is a song about faith."[5]

Demi Lovato - Give Your Heart a Break

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The music video for "Give Your Heart a Break" was filmed in late February 2012 and is directed by Justin Francis. The video premiered on E! on April 2, and was released by Vevo on April 3, 2012. A few teasers for the video were previously uploaded on Lovato's official YouTube channel.[14][15][16] According to Lovato about "the new music video, I'm basically trying to convince a guy that I didn't break his heart, and we get into a fight and I try to win him over again" and "So I do something special for him at the end of the song".[5]

Don't wanna break your heartWanna give your heart a breakI know you're scared it's wrongLike you might make a mistakeThere's just one life to liveAnd there's no time to wait, to waste

Don't wanna break your heart (don't wanna break your heart)Wanna give your heart a breakI know you're scared it's wrongLike you might make a mistake (I know you're scared it's wrong)There's just one life to liveAnd there's no time to wait, to waste

Oh hey, my rascacielos! I'm Sam Lansky, pop music writer, and this is Pop Think, where I gush unapologetically about the pop stars who make my heart skip a beat. (Somebody should probably give it a break!)

Especially when she's working with lyrics like the ones on "Give Your Heart A Break," which tell the story of courting a guy who's a little bruised. "The day I first met you/You told me you'd never fall in love," she recounts, before the chorus breaks out: "Don't wanna break your heart/Wanna give your heart a break." The wordplay around the term "heartbreak" is clever enough, but the song is full of poignant little moments like that, like the sadly affectionate way Demi exhales the term of endearment "My love" in the second verse, or the way the track drops out around her as she belts out the words, "Baby try to understand," revealing only the crushing power of her vocal, or indeed, that little break in her voice as the song is winding down around 2:49 (which really is amazing, if you haven't heard it yet).

"Give Your Heart a Break" received critical acclaim from contemporary music critics, praising the production as well as Lovato's vocals. The single debuted at #72 on the Billboard Hot 100 and has peaked at #16 on the chart, as well as reaching #1 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart. The song has debuted at 22 in New Zealand and has so far peaked at #9, marking the first time Lovato has had two top 10 singles from one album in that country. The music video for the song features Lovato attempting to persuade their lover that they are the right one for him and will not break his heart like his past girlfriends, creating a collage of photographs taken during the video that when put together create a photo of the two in each other's embrace. Lovato has promoted the song through several stage performances, including their performance at the Z100 Jingle Ball concert.

A lyric video for the song was released on YouTube on December 23, 2011, on Lovato's YouTube account. In the description for the lyric video, it was confirmed that the official music video would be released in 2012. The official music video was shot in late February 2012 and was directed by Justin Francis. On March 23, 2012, an 18-second teaser promoting the music video was released on their YouTube account. In the video, it was revealed that the music video would premiere on April 2, 2012, on E! News and on in Canada and United States, with the worldwide premiere coming on April 3, 2012, on VEVO. In an interview with MTV, they comment about the video: "The new music video, I'm basically trying to convince a guy that I didn't break his heart, and we get into a fight and I try to win him over again," they said. "So I do something special for him at the end of the song." They also comment about the guy who acts as their love interest in the video: "It's kind of funny. It's part of the job though. You just try to get through it, but it is kind of awkward at first when you have to act like a couple with someone that you don't know," they said. "He was really sweet, really sweet, and really cute."

i think it means that she met a guy who was too scared to "fall in love with someone" and shes kind of telling him that "if you love me i wont break you heart, im not that kind of girl who does that, ill love you for who you are and you will never regret falling in love with me". but the guy is too scared and he keeps getting away from her. the lyrics, "When your lips are on my lips then our heart beat is oneOnce you slip out of my finger tips every time you run oh" and "Don't wanna break your heart wanna give your heart a breakI know you're scared it's wrong like you might make a mistake" kind of says it all. RATE! thanks. :)

I think the meaning of the song is that The Guy is afraid to fall in love and The Girl wants The Guy to know that She's not like the rest of the girls and wants the guy to take a chance and since The Guy's heart is sort of 'not opening' to anyone and The Girl wants to Give his heart a break. Make the heart relax and make The Guy's heart 'open' and fall in love with her.

I think it's about a guy who finds it really hard to love as his last girlfriend did something to him that let him scared and then the new girl (aka demi) comes along and they fall in love , but the guy is too scared to do anything with the relationship as his last gf has hurt him badly . New girl is trying to tell him that she just won't do anything like the ex p and she loves him and she's not like anyone else has she has had hardships to .and she just wants to give him time to figure out what he wants to do with the relationship . That's what I think . Ps demi rocks . Best singer in the world !!!!

This song obviously refers to sex. It's even in the title! If you have a relationship, your not giving your heart a break. The only time you are is when your having sex. Especially when she says "I know your scared it's wrong like you might make a mistake." The guy is scared to have sex. But she wants it so badly which is shown when she continues on to say "there's just one life to live and there's no time to waste." Another possible interpretation of this song is the complete opposite of what I said: instead, that the guy wants sex, just sex with no strings attached. This is evident when he says "havent I passed the test?" The "test" in this case was the sex. She unfortunately fell in love with someone who wants nothing to do with her. "Baby I can ease the ache." is also just one of several sexual references throughout this song.However you look at it, one thing is certain: this song is about sex.

WTF!? I was so sure this song was about no strings sex. That's what I thought the very first time I heard the chorus. All you fools are talking about love. lol! As if she's saying to him, "I know you've had your heart broken by other girls when you fall in love, but don't worry, I won't break your heart if you fall in love with me because I'm a special princess". LOLOLOL!! No, she's saying, "I won't break your heart because I'm interested in your dick, not your heart". THAT is how she's giving his heart a break.... by not involving the heart in sex.

She's in love with someone who's too afraid to take risks (and so is skeptical about love) of heartbreak. She wants to prove him wrong and that she won't break his heart, to let him relax and learn how to trust.Since she knows how to give someone's heart a break, not that she knows how to give someone's heart a break, if you get this.

I think she loves a guy who doesn't love her back, because he is to damn scared to. So she is trying to tell him that she's not the kind of a girl that would break his heart, because she really loves him for who he is. 041b061a72


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