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The Ultimate Collection of Horseback Riding Videos - Download Now

The best way to experience Wyoming is on the back of a horse with one of our unforgettable, western horseback ride adventures. We offer guided horseback rides and wilderness camping in the Jackson, Wyoming area. Select from half-day trail rides, full-day trail rides, extreme full-day trail rides, or try camping in style in one of our huge tents complete with real beds! We offer the best value in horseback ride adventures in the Jackson Hole area.

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Our trail rides are the best in the Jackson area because we customize rides for your group's goals & abilities. If you book as a single you ride as a single and groups are never lumped together with other groups! This policy assures you that your riding vacation will be the best possible experience. Find out for yourself by reading horseback ride testimonials.

Hand over the reins and let us show you the vast scenery of the Wyoming mountains! Riders often see wildlife including mule deer, elk, and the occasional moose in their natural habitat on these trail rides. There are numerous trails that accommodate riders with all levels of experience from beginner to the most advanced. See horseback trail rides and camping videos and photos to give you an idea of what to expect. You can also download a free horse ride brochure that explains how to book your trail ride, prices for trail rides and camping, and answers to common horse ride FAQ's including directions to camp and horse ride safety information.

Play the best horses games for free. We have collected 22 popular horses games for you to play on LittleGames. They include new and top horses games such as Horses Puzzle, My Pony My Little Race, Farm Valley, Horse Family Animal Simulator 3D and Horse Riding Simulator. Choose a horses game from the list and you can play online on your mobile or computer for free.

Viewing the Cuyahoga Valley landscape from horseback is like no other experience. Horseback riding is permitted only on trails signed and designated as horse trails. Horses need to be brought in as there are no horse rentals adjacent to the bridle trails in the national park.The parking area at Station Road Bridge Trailhead, near Brecksville Reservation, has large pull-through parking spaces that require little to no "backing" efforts. They are designed for horse trailers and buses. Boston Trailhead and the Everett Covered Bridge parking lot were not designed for horse trailers, and while it is legal for them to park there, it is often a challenge to navigate.Enjoy your ride! Happy trails to you!

Scenic pasture land. A beautiful rainforest reserve. Mangroves and waterside setting. The vast 1250-acre Rancho La Merced National Wildlife Refuge makes the ideal spot for an adventure on horseback. Explore the reserve with a knowledgeable guide. Pass rivers and ride along the beach. Spot birds and exotic fauna en route.

In the Ridely app you will find a library of filmed riding exercises with well renown riders and trainers. Learn from the very best no matter which level you ride at. We have videos for most disciplines and levels.

When it comes to horse riding games, Star Stable is one of the top choices, and there is a good reason for that. Apart from being visually pleasing, with beautiful 3D graphics, Star Stable is also a massively multiplayer online game, with an impressive horse-loving community.

Star Stable is a must-play for casual horse riding aficionados looking for an engaging virtual experience, thanks to its aesthetically gorgeous visuals, an engrossing storyline, and a large choice of horse breeds to pick from.

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Care for and nurture your very own virtual horse as you embark on a heartwarming journey together. Groom, feed, and train your horse to establish a strong bond, and participate in exciting mini-games and competitions, similar to horse betting races.

You can find and tame beautiful horses and train them to become champions. You can also collect pets, join horse riding clubs, solve puzzles and mysteries, and complete quests. You can also join the Show Jumping and Dressage Academy, craft items, and compete with your friends online.

Our Mission The mission of Jackson Stables, Inc. is to provide our guests with a memorable and safe horseback riding experience in a majestic setting on the historic YMCA property and within Rocky Mountain National Park.

Trail Rides Jackson Stables, Inc., YMCA of the Rockies Livery, is authorized by the National Park Service, Department of the Interior to serve the public in Rocky Mountain National Park. All of the horseback rides are guided trail rides into RMNP, and on YMCA property. A membership to the YMCA is not necessary to come enjoy horseback riding, pony rides or hayrides.

That Horse Game - Riding Demo is a free racing video game wherein you can build the equestrian facility of your dreams. Created by indie developers Mindev, Amon, and Jonna, this 3D simulation game is an online multiplayer title that allows you to build your own piece of land for a horse business and handle every aspect of running it.

Deep Hollow Ranch does not list any weight requirements for riding horses on its website at the time of this story. While the comments function in Bader's video is now disabled, it has received 144,000 likes and 1.7 million views.

Expect to skip the riding arena for pine-studded forest trails as riders enjoy a memorable Trail Ride in a serene sanctuary for the preservation and propagation of fine equestrian traditions. you or anyone in your group is experiencing symptoms, please let us know as soon as you can, we will work with you to cancel or reschedule your booking without penalty.

Sound recording quality is a challenge with any helmet/riding hat camera i.e. surrounding noise especially wind, also, maintaining reasonable sound quality at the same time as keeping the unit water-resistant.

The DC-1 has been designed primarily for the use as a helmet/riding hat camera but please note that it is secured using the standard type of GoPro mounts of which there are numerous options. In your selected kit we provide the main type of mounts for fitting to a motorbike/cycle helmet and horse riding hats.

Join us for just one week or as many as you wish. First time riders to experienced equestrians ages 8 & up can join for a week or more of horseback riding and hands-on outdoor fun under the supervision of our professional, all adult staff with the best horses & ponies anywhere. Just click the link below for all information and registration.

BraveHearts offers diverse programming from groundwork to drill team, therapeutic riding lessons are offered year-round. Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy is provided using hippotherapy (the movement of the horse) as a treatment strategy by a licensed therapist. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is implemented by a licensed social worker or psychologist.

When you first start hauling your horse away from home, it's normal for him to get antsy and have fidgety feet when you tie him up to your trailer. In this quick tip, I explain how to get him to use the thinking side of his brain and relax.

When addressing problem behavior with your horse, it's important to get to the root of the issue. In this video, Clinton explains how to address problem horses with the right training tools and techniques.

Clinton Anderson explains what to do if your horse bolts and how to stop the problem from starting in the first place. This lesson is an excerpt from Clinton's Fundamentals in Action on the Trail Series.

In the May No Worries Club video, Clinton explains how to teach your horse to stand quietly and calmly while being groomed. The lesson covers a little bit of everything, from brushing and applying fly spray to bathing a horse for the first time.

In the November No Worries Club digital download, the Colt Starting Clinic participants are back for day three. Professional Clinician Jeff Davis leads the class through more groundwork exercises to prepare the colts for their upcoming first ride.

Horse trainer Clinton Anderson talks about safely handling fresh, reactive horses. The key to dealing with fresh horses is to not get in the saddle until you have your horse's attention and respect on the ground.

Horse trainer Clinton Anderson talks about common horse behavioral problems that happen in the stall and how to overcome them. Horse trainer Clinton Anderson talks about common horse behavioral problems that happen in the stall and how to overcome them.

Horse trainer Clinton Anderson explains how to build your horse's confidence when confronted with spooky objects on the trail. This lesson is an excerpt from Clinton's Fundamentals in Action on the Trail Series.

Is your horse too busy eyeing his next meal on the trail rather than paying attention to you? Use horse trainer Clinton Anderson's easy steps to put yourself back in control and re-program your horse to think twice about giving in to a snack attack.

Head-shy horses make haltering and bridling nearly impossible and downright dangerous with their head tossing, pulling away and even rearing up or striking out. If your horse cops an attitude when you try to work around his head, this lesson is your step-by-step guide to taking away his fear.

Some horses get in the habit of stopping in the middle of the trail and refusing to go forward. They will either stick their feet in the ground and stand still or actually run backwards. In this video, horse trainer Clinton Anderson explains that there are generally two reasons horses suddenly stop and run backwards and how to handle the situation.

Horse trainer Clinton Anderson explains how to build the trust and respect of a horse that has been through a life-threatening experience. The Method is the perfect solution for regaining the trust of a traumatized horse.

When it comes to raising foals, a lot of people make the mistake of only loving and rubbing on them and then wonder why their cute babies grow up to be 1,000-pound terrors. If you want a horse to be a respectful, safe partner, you have to prove to him that you're a knowledgeable leader and show him what is expected of him by desensitizing him.


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