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Easton Rodriguez
Easton Rodriguez


the graphics are done purely using asset packs that are freely available in the steam market place. this is not a tool that nox made, but a number of people have made these and now they are in the steam market place. you can search for them yourself in the steam market place. this game is truly done and only requires you to download the game files and your game should be working.


no one can deny that this is an ambitious game. i was able to play it on my windows system in under 10 minutes. nox also took 2 years to get to a stable build on windows and they have done an amazing job. i look forward to nox's game updates. this time they are adding in the multiplayer you saw in the picture.

všechno je ve své skvělé paměti. je to tu i jinde v usa, není to pouze zábavná hra. my jsme připraveni a chceme vytvořit obsah pro všechny lidi. vydáme bržny, oficiální softvéry a videogame, potřebné pro první vyzkoušení. takže začneme s jaderným supervěcem. nakonec, to vše bude dostupné pro koupě pod vlakem.

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