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11/11 Powerful Manifestation Day

You can ask the Universe for a $100,000 right now but that isn’t going to change your relationship with money or make you feel safe.

You can ask for your soulmate partner to bump into you at a coffee shop today but it won’t change your fear of abandonment and infidelity.

YES, today is a powerful Manifestation Day (11/11) but that doesn’t replace the FEARS you have around ACTUALLY receiving your desires.

Because it isn’t enough to want money, great body, soulmate and your dream life - if you don’t believe you’ll enjoy it.

Today is your invitation to dive deeper. Now I don’t care if you use the 369 method, Sex Magic, or Candle spell all that matter is HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL when you have everything you desire.

Here’s a TASTE of what I’ll be saying!

I am enjoying the beauty that life has to offer.

I’m happy every time I check my bank account. I’m adding money to my savings every month and it feels so expensive.

I love the feeling of paying my bills 3 months in advance and knowing that there is STILL money left to do the things I love. I’m comfortable spending money now because I know there is MORE where that came from.

I LOVE spending time with my partner. He still makes me blush when he calls my name and I FEEL so loved and nourished by him. He treats me life a queen. I enjoy spending my life with him and the s3x is 💦💦💦

I love talking about my programs because I know it’s a total game changer for my clients. My business is thriving because selling comes easily for me - my offers are magnetic.

I’m literally making money in my sleep. Clients only need to see my content once and it’s a HELL YES to join my programs!

I wake up happy to be me.

Grateful for all the blessings I have received and will continue to recieve. That includes money, clients, orgasms, soulmate partner, & family.


Because I NOW feel 10000% worthy of the life I have created for myself and I’m enjoying it. I’m enjoying my life every day of the week.

That’s the type of shit I’m anchoring in today! Not just the money or soulmate but the JOY of it all.

How ORGASMIC it feels.

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