5 Reasons New Habits Fail

What do you want the end of 2017 to look?

I know, I know. The year just started but one thing we know for certain is TIME will pass, regardless, of what we're doing. So it's best we make the most of our time.

The best way to do that is begin with the end in mind. Once you figure out how you want your year to end, you'll be able to manage how you spend your time. Where you attention should be and what needs to get done!

You'll start to notice that in order for you to achieve these goals, you'll need to change your habits.

Habits tend to have a negative connotation because people tend to only realize, the negative habits they possess.

1. You try to change EVERYTHING at once.

Hold your horses. I understand the desire to want to change your flaws or imperfections but they cannot all be done at once. Your brain cannot handle so many changes all at once and give you the results you desire.

When it comes to habits, jot down a list of habits that are closely related and focus on 2 for the next few weeks.

2. You don't know your Triggers.

You spend so much time fixated on the problem that you don't stop to question what's the trigger. Habits are a cause and effect reaction. You must first figure out your triggers that lead you to the habit and change the reward.

Than and only when will you be successful at creating healthy habits.

3. Don't change your environment.

Recovering drug attacks are asked to cut off past friends and stop frequenting places they once did before they were sober. The chances of recovery DOUBLED in patients who removed them selves.

You must change your surrounding to get new RESULTS.

4. We plan to fail.

Our minds are already program that we are going to fail. I mean you see people changing all around you but you don't believe you are capable of the same results.

You're convinced you are going to FAIL long before you start. Change your beliefs around this new habit. Leave all past failed attempts in the past. Focus on what you learned and grow from there.

5. Accountablity

You think you can do EVERYTHING ALONE.

I've been secretly craving to move from NYC to LA but have been putting things off because I'm afraid of taking such a huge step. Last month I decided to make a declaration to Facebook and my family and friends, so they can hold me accountable and also a ton of encouraging support.


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