Hunger for More

I've always said I was going to be a millionaire. My goal was to have 1 Million dollars in the bank by age 35! When a friend asked me why stop at a million because once you spend a dollar, you're no longer a Millionaire. Which got me to thinking...why do we think small. If I'm giving myself 10 years to create such wealth, than why not shoot for 10 million.

You can never THINK TO BIG!

People are always talking about what their passionate about but I've always felt like passion is just first gear. Being hungry is setting your mind to a destination and heading there full throttle with a full tank of gas.

What are you BAT SHIT CRAZY about? What keeps you determined NO MATTER WHAT?

Hunger means that you want it so badly that any and everything else around you is irrelevant. The desire is so strong and the fire within can not and will not be tamed!

Staying hungry is a critical to your existence because it's what you crave.

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Thomas Edison

Hunger Eliminates Failure

Courage is going from Failure to Failure without losing enthusiasm- Winston Churchill

When your hungry for success no matter how many times you "fail" or reach an obstacle you will keep going because the end result is your goal. You can hit a brick wall a thousand times but you'll keep pushing. Nothing will stop you!

A person who is HUNGRY is 1000% committed to their goals!

Hunger Fuels Solutions

My Grandmother always told me to focus on my WHY and the How would come later. When you're hungry for success you will find a WAY! You will create a way out of thin air because you are so focused on the dream. So to you NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE!

Anybody can possess a skill but it takes hunger to get the job done!!

Hunger breeds Focus

Ever heard of the saying "tunnel vision" well people use this as their greatest weapon. The only focus is the dream and how to get there. They are running with blinders on and can only see straight ahead. The hunger keeps there attention, there are no distractions, there is no jealousy.

A person who is driven and hunger understands that a house is not built overnight but by getting dirty and committing to the hard work. Laying each brick, one right after the other and the longer they focus the bigger the house.

So my question to you is: Are you HUNGRY? Are you willing to commit to your dreams 1000%


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