You Don't Know Crap About Being Happy!

I was up until late last night with my best friend talking about her new blossoming relationship.

She expressed how she is afraid of being hurt again, after what she experienced in a previous relationship. Which is totally natural.

How can you blame her. When life throws rocks at your glass house, you can't help but duck and hope the cuts won't be deep!

Truthfully, we all have baggage and fear when stepping into any new situation; either business or personal.

As HUMANS it's challenging for us to walk into a new situation (unknown) and not get cold feet (think of the worst case scenario).

If you are apart of the 2% of the world who doesn't think like that more power too you but this post isn't for move along...SIKE... you totally still need to read this.

Attention to the other 98% of the population (readers) who are always preparing for the you know how to be HAPPY? I ask this because in life we tend to sabtoage ourselves RIGHT before a good thing happens.

We are constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop that we forget to just be HAPPY in the moment.

It's always "too good to be true" whatever that means! (Rolls eyes)

Are you happy with your life right now?

Family? Spouse? Children? Work? Self?


Happy: Delighted, pleased, glad, as over a particular thing.

Feeling or showing of pleasure or contentment.

Do you even know what would make YOU happy? Oh course you're thinking a couple million dollars in the bank would safice and that's AMAZING however, do you know what will give you that same kind of excitement RIGHT NOW?

You see its easy to get caught up in our business, relationships, families and forget about our core needs: Happiness.

What makes you so freaking DITTY or DELIGHTED that you cannot stop smiling or raving about it? What's one thing can make you pop out of bed in the morning, ready to take over the world?

____________________________________CRICKETS______________________________________ LET ME HELP YOU

Once you can find the answers to those questions: focus on being happy. In the mean time.

Here are 3 ways to be HAPPY:

1. HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE: Just like eating that second piece of cake. You stop and think "is this helping or hurting me" Your decision to eat it or not will determine; you're emotions, 60 seconds later. Same rules apply with HAPPINESS. You get to decide. Yes Shitty things will happen (well because it's life) just remember: LIFE IS 10% OF WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU AND 90% OF HOW YOU RESPOND.

So when things don't go your way or according to plan, take a step back and ask yourself: How can I turn this into something positive?

Once you change the dilagoue up and ask yourself better questions: centered around finding a soultion and not dwelling on what has happened, you can find happiness.

Just choose to turn lemons into wine. Smile all the way through!


2. Be Present: The ONLY moment that matters is the one you are experiencing RIGHT NOW. Tomorrow's bills is not TODAY'S concern. Now, now simmer down, let me resolution comes from conflict. You cannot worry or stress about what has NOT happened. There is no way you can cope with a problem/situation in the future because in this moment it DOES NOT EXIST!

You can only deal with RIGHT NOW but never the future nor do you have too. Ask yourself: What you are currently experiencing in this very moment.

Answer honestly before you begin to freak out about something that hasn't happened and frankly MAY NEVER HAPPEN!

3. Take Action: stop complaining. I know you're tired of it and NOBODY wants to hear it plus it's not helping the situation.

How long are you just going to continue to count the days until the universe gives you a GRAND GESTURE telling you the time is now?

Or are you waiting for everything to just be handed to you?

Aren't you growing impatient?

Stop waiting around for things to get better, honestly, it hasn't worked out for you so far!

It's not enough just to crave something you need to ACT. Act now!

If you're not growing your dying! You MUST keep moving! Don't be stagnant. You cannot find happiness in the same place you lost it!


Ever made plans with someone to meet up for dinner and you can't get seated because there not there yet. And they show up 15-20 minutes late with a slew of excuses about how they got caught up.

Well that same anxious feeling you have when you're ready to be seated, don't wait 15-20 years to start your life!

Stop making excuses!

You want to EAT NOW!

Be hungry for experience.

I know you are ready for change. Act on this passion.

Be happy. Once you see the progress you have made even just 2% you will be overflowing with JOY!

Follow your dreams! Now! Seriously RIGHT NOW!

Close the screen and get moving!


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