No Limit Baby

When I was in grade school, I told my grandmother I was going to be the first female president. I still remember the excitement on her face. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me I will be. She even went out and bought a picture of the previous presidents and added my photo and told me I can be anything in the world.

Ever notice that as children, people tell you the sky is the limit but once you get older, the rip the rug from under you.

As children, we were constantly reminded how brilliant we are. We get asked what we wanna be when we grow up and tell us that anything is possible. They encourage you to join sports teams, take up dance classes or join the debate team.

Our parents give us the confidence and words of encouragement to ask your classmate to the dance or ask for the lead role in the school play. As children we are told WE HAVE NO LIMITS.

Now fast forward 15 years, our parents, community and society tells us, we need to be realistic and practical.

When I tell people my dreams of moving from NYC to LA, they tell me ALL the was I could potentially fail. No one seems to see the beauty of this NEW transition in my life.

Where are you going to live?

Where will you work?

How will you get around and you don’t have a car?

How much money have you saved?

And no matter how AMAZING my answers are, they seem to continuously ask questions.

When I realized, people want you to be safe. When you take risks or break out free of comfort zone, it sets off a chain of reaction in their brain. They want to save you, they try and talk you out of it, or tell you how it won’t work, or that you have too much too lose.

Those around you can quickly turn into Negative Nancy and shy you away from pursuing your dreams. You see if you play it safe, than it allows their world to stay the same. People want you to do better but within their comfort zones.

A mediocre mindset isn’t going to be able to fathom your hopes and desires.

Don’t allow SMALL minded people talk you out of living your highest purpose.

Be an example of whats possible.

Lisa Nicholas (Author, Coach, Speaker and founder of Motivating the Masses) always says, “I’m not extraordinary. I’m an ordinary person who went the extra mile” There is nothing unique about her or anyone else that is successful.

We are all born to succeed but don’t call Lisa Nicolas an extraordinary woman to let yourself off the hook.

You see we hear success stories like Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins or Jim Carry about how they deify the odds and made something out of nothing. The perfect rag to riches stories, than assume we cannot achieve the same thing because we’re different.

Their situations aren’t the same as ours. We have too much too lose. We cannot possibly go into debt. We can’t possibly chase our dreams because it will never work out the way it did for the countless other people who have tried and succeed.

People create a million and one reasons why something cannot be done with total conviction but can’t name 10 ways you can succeed.

Im here to tell you… YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TOO (insert a slew of cliche quotes and over told success stories).

But in reality, the only limits or restrictions that exist are the ones we create for ourselves.

It’s never too late to tell yourself how BRILLIANT you are and believe it.

It’s never to late to live out your dreams.

You are a badass…act like one.

Don’t sit around throwing a pity party for yourself when it was up to YOU to create the opportunity. Don’t live a mediocre life because that is what everyone around you is do.

Surround yourself with movers and shakers. People who understand that it’s OKAY to fail. You will not always succeed on the first try, shit maybe the second or third either but you CAN make it in life. Your dreams can become your reality.


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