What I'm Grateful

Earlier this month I went to a 2 day weekend coaching in person event and it blew my freaking mind. I meant 8 of the most incredible entrepreneurs you could ever imagine (I literally I manifested these ladies) but one of them stood out to me the most…Erin Mcdonald.

Holy Cow do I freaking love this woman. When our coach asked us to go around in a circle and state what we are grateful for…Erin decided to look past superficial answers and go deep.

I am GRATEFUL for the guy who didn’t pick me - Erin McDonald.

If she hadn’t experienced that relationship, than maybe she wouldn’t understand the significance and love of her husband now.

Can you say JAW DROPPED.

Erin than proceed to tell us how different her life would have been and how grateful she is for that experience.

But needless to say - this got me thinking heavily about moments in my life where I wasn’t “picked” and everything I’ve gained.

1. Three months ago my EX ended all ties with me ( the day after my birthday) and decided he wanted to walk away and I was devastated to say the least. I felt like I was losing a piece of me, someone I’ve none for years would no longer be a fixture in my life and it cut like hell.

Then Erin made me realize how grateful I am for having had him in my life and to focus on EVERYTHING i gained from that relationship.

He gave me the courage I needed to start my blog and coaching business. When he decided to leave- it taught me the most important LOVE you can EVER receive is the one you give yourself.

{Maybe he’s reading this IDK but I’m grateful for the role you’ve played in my life and I wish you all the best!}

2. Getting fired- I was miserable at my pervious job and consistently complain about quitting but I couldn’t muster the strength to walk away.

When I got fired I spent the next 4-6 months figuring out my passion and what I wanted to do with my life. That’s when Our Lips Are Moving got started, I wanted to help inspire and empower other women to say fuck the box and live life on their own terms.

I ended up getting a new job to help me invest in my business. I signed up for coaching programs, and spent a shit load of money on personal devlopment books- and I LOVE IT.


You see not getting picked has taught me a slew of lessons and most importantly - EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING FOR ME. We need to continue experiencing life and new awakenings to learn new lessons and prepare us for the miracles ahead.

Thanks to Erin I have a greater appreciation for how things have played out in my life and although I have forgiven myself and other parties who were apart of my journey…now I’m grateful for those moments because I LOVE WHO I AM NOW.

I wouldn't understand how AMAZINGLY Abundant my life is now.

Just like the saying say- You wouldn’t know joy if it wasn’t for pain. You want enjoy the Sun if it wasn’t for Rain.

Lesson Learned: Be grateful for EVERYTHING you’ve experience and grow from there. Everything that did not work out as I planned - turned out EVEN better than I ever could've imagined.

PS: I love the LADIES of Unleash NYC


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