Quitting My Day Job

Last Day!!! Woot Woot! I AM extremely excited that today is my last day of working at my day job and I cannot stop smiling. I’ve been up since 5am (don’t start until 9am) but oh boy, I couldn’t sleep and I figured it would be best to reach out to you and tell you my TRUTH. So here goes… It has’t always been all smiles. I would be lying to you if I said I’m not scared. I AM scared, I won’t have the “Security” of cashing my pay check every Friday. I’m not only quitting my job but packing up my apartment to move from NYC to LA. If I said I wasn’t scared I would be lying. But the truth is, FEAR isn’t a sign of weakness. Fear means I’m doing something uncomfortable. I’m moving to a NEW comfort zone. If FEAR wasn’t scary more people would be making RADICAL changes in their lives. Fear is scary because you never fully know what lies on the other side but I can truthfully say: I’m more AFRAID of waking up exactly where I am in my day job, 6 months from now, than I am afraid of quitting. When I think of quitting, I think about how I’m betting on myself and I am controlling how my future will be. When I think of staying, I think of the LIMITS a job puts on your life and a weekly pay check just isn’t worth it ANYMORE. Quitting is a scary IDEA but I had to ask myself, why LIMIT my power to believe I will not be able to feed myself, why not think of all of the POSSIBILITIES that this decision will offer me. As humans why do we tend to focus on the negative and NEVER stop to focus on the INCREDIBLE things that couldvery well happen. When I started my coaching business, I committed to myself that I would help women stand in their TRUTH. I would help women find their voice and understand their is no LIMIT to the amount of power they possess. As women we need to build our self love, self worth and understanding that we can GET, HAVE, DO, BE, anything we want. The more RADICAL changes I make, the more I realize how STRONG I AM. Yes, I woke up today with a few reservations, but I needed to remind myself how POWERFUL a moment like this is in my life. I’m no longer purposing the “corporate” dream and I’ choosing to bet on MYSELF. I’m deciding to live out my DREAM in the public eye and not ONLY tell you it’s possible but SHOW you what EPIC shit can happen when you start to play full out and believe in yourself. Yes, it will get scary. Yes, you will get nervous. Yes, you may get doubtful. But in no way shape or form should you RETREAT! You MUST keep pushing. Fear, Nerves and Doubt still appears when you’re doing shit you don’t even want to do…so why not go after what you want. WHY limit yourself to negative thoughts when the positive ones can propel your life for the BETTER.. Quitting my job isn’t something to take light and I understand that and after thinking about the amount of DOORS I’ve just opened by being BRAVE enough to take this NEXT step, the fear subsided and I got back into flow. I’m here to tell you, Lean into FEAR and Do It ANYWAY!! If I can do it, You can do it too. You are no different from ME. You are no different from Oprah. You are no different from Tony Robbins. You are no different from Mother Theresa. YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN ACHIEVE. Learn to trust yourself and your strength. Understand that you are not in this alone. Success leaves clues, so NEVER feel like you need to figure everything out on your own. Find someone who is doing EXACTLY what you crave to be doing and follow their lead. RIGHT NOW!! YOU ARE AMAZING. RIGHT NOW!!! YOU ARE READY. RIGHT NOW!!! GO AFTER EVERYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE. I BELIEVE IN YOU. I LOVE YOU. PS: TODAY ONLY MY 75 DEEP DIVE COACHING CALLS ARE AVAILABLE FOR ONLY $111 (REG. $167). I WANT TO OFFER YOU THIS SALE BECAUSE I UNDERSTAND THAT IT TAKES ONLY A SECOND TO DECIDE TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. AND I WANT TO BE APART OF YOUR JOURNEY TO TAKE YOU EVEN HIGHER. Don’t waste ANOTHER moment. The Time to Change is NOW!

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