Enough is Enough

I remember getting dumped by a guy and listening to Toni Braxton Unbreak My Heart over and over, literally on repeated. I became an emotional cutter - I was purposely cutting myself deeper and deeper everytime I played the song over. 

I didn't want to heal. I was comfortable playing the victim. It was easier than dealing with the mess, I had created in my life. Being the vitcim allowed me to blame others, for what was happening to me. 

Playing the damn song over and over solidified the notion that I was hurting, I wanted to feel the pain. So I kept poking at the wound, never allowing it to heal. 

My pain and heartache was playing consistently on repeat, digging me further down the rabbit hole. Their came a point in my madness, where Friends telling you to Cool It Now wasn't enough - I had to reach my own breaking point. 

I needed to get tired of my suffering,

I couldn't walk away until I learned my lesson - until I had gotten everything I needed from the relationship. 

The biggest lesson was ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

You know your limits. Only YOU can decide when you've had enough. Only you can smuther the flames.

This lessons applies to every aspect of life. 

You must decide when to walk away - in business, finance and romance. 

You won't attract HIGH paying soulmate clients, if your time is filled with soul sucking people who don't pay you your worth.

You won't progress in your business, if you're consistently choosing to focus on the million ways it won't work and feeling sorry for yourself. 

You won't find the LOVE of your life, if you're sitting around waiting for the jerk to once again prove to you he's a jerk.

You need to cut off the sad love song and ROAR.

Throw on some Beyonce and stop feeling sorry for yourself. (Sorry, I ain't Sorry)

Raise Your Fucking Standards. Understand that the direction of your life is based solely on your decisions. So decide to move on. 

Decide you can have whatever you want. 

Decide you can do better. 

Decide you can have better now.

And go get it. 

But You Have to cut the song off. You have to take responsibility for the part that has lead you to this very moment. Understand that you NO longer need to be stuck. You can change your reality once you decide. 


Decide that Enough is Enough.

Focus on your 2.0 Self and Show up as the creator of your life. Take ownership and design a life that you can brag about. 

Start living from a place of uncertainty. Believe in MAGIC. Began to FULLY believe your thoughts create your reality and live into them. Show up as if it’s already done.

The clients have already paid you.

The money has cleared and  is sitting in your bank account.

The guy has already asked for your hand in marriage.

The dream vacation is already booked and a few minutes away from take off, so fasten your seat belts. 

You decide what happens in your life. So don’t dwell on the shit that didn’t go as plan and re shape your present. Dream bigger and Play Full Out. 

Go After what you want with the tenacity of a cheerleader without a date, two days before PROM. 

Unleash your POWER. 

You Are A Badass. 

You Are Amazing. 

You Can Fucking Do This. 

Now Go Do It.


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