My Secret Addiction

Think about the last time you went to a restaurant and placed an order for food. Let’s say you order steak (medium well), roasted potatoes, asparagus and a glass of red wine.

When the waiter delivers your food you’re expecting to get “steak (medium well), roasted potatoes, asparagus and red wine because that’s what you ordered.

So I’m here to tell you the Universe works the same way. YOU GET WHAT YOU EXPECT TO RECEIVE. The thoughts you think, manifest themselves your life.

Just as placing your order in the restaurant, you get back what you put out. Your thoughts create your reality. You are the creative director, producer, actor and screen writer of your life. You have the POWER to decide how your life will turn out.

We are either consciously or unconsciously designing our reality. It is up to YOU to open your eyes and take back your power.

More and more I started to grow my awareness and learn about the Law of Attraction (law that like attracts like), and I realized…I had a dirty addiction.

My secret addiction was my … negative self talk. I was such a mean girl to myself. Not the kind of girl who called herself fat but the type to belittle her accomplishments, as if it was no big deal.

I always felt like I needed to be doing more in my life. Even when I quit my job and started growing my business - I started comparing myself to other entrepreneurs who were making 10k, 30k, 100k a month. Feeling like I would never be able to accomplish such a feat without sacrifice and struggle.

So what happened - I struggled to create paying clients. I began to question my abilities as a coach and my self worth because I wasn’t making money.

I had to realize I wasn’t taking my own advice (as most people don’t) because I was continuously thinking negative thoughts. I was living in a space of lack and was expecting the universe to send me more.

You see most people want MORE out of life but are so afraid of LETTING GO what they already have (and are unsatisfied with) in fear. they’ll never get what they want.

I became one of those people. I didn’t believe I could make money as a coach, so I started lowering my prices and constantly having sells, hoping someone would pay me. When truthfully I was giving out an energy of neediness and it showed to my potential clients. So they stopped returning my messages or would leave me on read.

Just as the law of attraction states - like attract like - so I needed to change what I was asking for.

You have the POWER to send back your nasty order to the kitchen if it isn’t what you REALLY want.

You have to power to change your mind. You can whenever you like.

Ask yourself DAILY what do you want out of life.


Write out EVERYDAY what you want your life to look like every day. How do you want your mornings, afternoons, evening and weekends to be? How will you spend your free time? What will you do once you’re no longer worrying about money?

Once you figure out what you want in life - it will be easier to place your order and show up from that place.

Remember you are constantly putting out orders - so if you believe you’ll never make it out of debt - more debt will pile up.

If you say I’ll never find a man to love me - you’ll keep finding scum bags who want to use you.

YOU GET IN LIFE WHAT YOU EXPECT - so change your expectations. Figure out what you REALLY want. Not just what you believe you can have but what you really REALLY desire.

Watch the universe conspire to make it all happen.


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