Accept Your Power

#TruthBomb: There is NOTHING on earth that you cannot have - once you mentally accepted the FACT that you can have it - Robert Collier.

WOW. Guess where I am guys... SUNNY CALIFORNIA and I am bouncing off the walls (Michael Jackson style) with tons of excitement. Last night, as I said my "See you laters" to my friends and family, I got to thinking about how badass I really am.

I mean seriously, I moved across the country with no job and only 2 friends. OH and did I mention starting a new business. I mean statically most NEW businesses fail within the first 5 years but here I am moving upping the risks for failure - with the biggest smile on my face.

I mean I thought about freaking out and panicking, especially because people are continously asking me what I'm going to do about work and it's like umm hello - I run a coaching business. But trurthly, I get why they are worried but I know what my purpose is here on Earth and I intend to follow it through.

My purpose is to live a LIFE filled up love, laughter and abundance while teaching others to do the same. I knew early on, I had a love for making people smile and realize that ANYTHING is possible and now I just get paid to do it (I know totally badass).

The reason why this truth bomb is so POWERFUL to me is because today is day one in CALI and I have accepted my SUCCESS here as fact (it's already a done deal). You see I've been planning this move for quite some time now and I'll be damned if I let my fears and doubts get in the way.

I love taking RISKS and JUMPING in fully because I know I have nothing to lose and neither do you. We spend so much time being afraid of failure or rejection and all it truly means is to TRY AGAIN.

You can do, have, be ANYTHING that you believe is possible for you and then you just have to act on that belief.

You think Oprah Winfrey doesn't get scared. You think when she cancelled her HIT talk show and started her OWN network, she wasn't afraid. Oh course she was and she had every right because she had never done it before but that should never stop you.

Fear is always going to be there - if you allow it.

You have to keep pushing forward - you'll get everything you want and more. I am READY to show you proof by the shifts in my own life.


Finish the sentence 10x....then take ACTION!

If the obstacles that I feel are currently in my way, NO longer existed I would...

Here is what my mindset work would look like:

1. I would book a trip to Greece for a Spirtual Retreat that I will host for 4 AMAZING women.

2. I would finish up my book One Moment In Time (moment you decide to change your life), everyone MUST read this - so I MUST finish it.

3. I would launch my Youtube Channel NOW and start creating weekly Truth Bomb Videos.

So on and so forth


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