Hopping in My DeLorean

When I was about 6 or 7 my Grandmother bought my sister and I a HUGE picture of ALL the President's of the United States. At the time it was either Clinton or Bush ( I don't remember nor do I feel like looking it up...lol) anyway, I remember thinking I was going to be one of them.

I was a pretty good student and figured if I work hard and get good grades I could totally be the First African American Female President, to be honest it really excited me and I totally believed it was possible.

OHHH the good old days, when negative thoughts of doubt didn't exist. I mean as a kid we never thought that we couldn't do something. I use to jump off my sofa in hopes that I could fly and although Gravity continously brung me back down, I kept trying, even despite my mothers warning.

I use to miss those days but now I remind myself that I can still be that Bright Eyed little girl, who believed she could fly. I don't have to limit myself (neither do you). We can totally call up Michael J. Fox and Doc Brown to borrow the keys to the DeLorean and head to the future.

We can create ANY future we desire. There is no limitations on what WE can achieve. Now that I've started my coaching business, quit the day job, and moved to California, I need to figure out what I want NEXT.

TRUST me envisioning myself in my jacuzzi bathtub felt like the real deal. Don't forget my Olympic size pool. You see I can imagine anything and tap into the feelings of already having it. Imagining is the fun part, so enjoy it. Sit back and let your mind go BIG.

You don't need the fun with Dick and Jane lifestyle. You know the one son, one daughter, the big happy dog, white picket fence and red door. You can have so much more.

You can have 9 kids, who are the happiest bundles of joy.

You can build a home with 8 bedrooms, 10 1/2 baths plus a tennis and basketball court.

You can have the most amazing boss friends - who support and inspire you to be all you can be.

You can have a husband who is wildly in love with you and thinks you're the funniest person in the world.


Clarity Tip: Back to the Future EXERCISE

Imagine you had 500 million dollars in cash to do whatever you desire.

Imagine you already had all the Education and Knowledge you desire.

Imagine you had the “right” contacts and friendship to change your life.

If you had EVERYTHING you ever thought you needed, what would you do?

If you were in the DeLorean and could fast forward 24 months from now, how would you want to be spending your days?

Who would you be surrounded by?

What would you do for fun?

What would your business or career look like?

Remember the power is yours…the DeLorean will make it happen, it has the power to get you anywhere, with total clarity and certainty.

What would you really REALLY want?

Don’t think of what’s possible, FOCUS on what you want.

Lock in the dates when you will have these things.

Once you can figure that out…work backward. What could you do RIGHT now to get you one step closer to that reality? Then everyday take another step.


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