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Are You Ready to FINALLY finish what you’ve started once and for all?

If so, keep on reading.

I can’t tell you how often I talk to women who are constantly, complaining about being STUCK.

Stuck in their relationships.

Stuck in their dead end jobs.

Stuck with fitness.

You know the groove you get into where you START a bunch of shit and never actually follow through.

Holler if you can relate!

Honestly, I totally get it. I’ve felt stuck for ages. Literally.

I dropped out of college more times than I can count. I worked at a job where I sold boxes (legit packing supplies) for NINE HOURS A DAY, 50 Hours a WEEK. And I’ve held on to crappy relationships way longer than I should.

I’ve felt like my back was up against the wall and the ONLY way out is to kick, scream and fight.

But the TRUTH is it doesn’t have to be that hard. Life is meant to be FUN and exciting.

So I’m Telling You ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.


I KNEW I needed to change.

And I did.

I left the shitty guys alone.

I quit my job.

I invested in my business.

I moved from NYC to LA.

I finally did the things I said I would do.

So let me ask you...

Does it feel like no matter hard you try - nothing changes?

Does your confidence scatter every time you hear a NO from a prospect?

Do you feel like everything you do never good enough?

Do you feel like you aren’t consistent with your action? Or just don’t know what action to take?

Do you feel like you’re sick and tired of things being so hard?

Do you feel like you’ve committed and shit still hasn’t happened for you?

Are you feeling like Law of Attraction is completely bullshit because nothing has changed?

If You’ve Answered YES to ANY or ALL of the above questions then JUST FUCKING JUMP is what you’ve been waiting for.

In this 5 Week Intensive program, starts Monday October 23rd, you’ll receive One on One coaching with me and I will take you from bullshitter to thrill seeker.

I ONLY have spots for 4 women. So make sure you act quickly.

I’ve changed my life so much in such a short period of time - that I’ve tried out SoulCycle, Hiking (5x now) and even signed up for speed dating just because I’m tired of complaining - I’m all about ACTION.

I’ve reprogramed my beliefs around love, money and relationships. The time is NOW to Heal yourself of the past and create a POPPING Reality.

Check out what a few of my clients have to say:

Melissa R: It's not so much WHAT she does but WHO she is! Lakisha is that best girlfriend that believes in you the way You want to believe in you, she gets you believing in yourself again, keeps it real and high vibe and will absolutely call you on your BS in the most loving way.

I knew Lakisha was transforming my life when I began to wake up excited to get the day started and deep dive into my "homework". I knew things were shifting for me in our time together but it really hit me when our time was done and I missed her presence in my life/biz. I've never been so excited to hand over money to someone in all my life... truly!

I look forward to partnering with Lakisha again soon! Thank you so much for being a beautiful light in my life! Xo

Diva G: Let me just start by saying my session gave me goosebumps. I can honestly say a sit down with Kisha has continuously lit my fuel. When I’m feeling discouraged I think back on our conversation and instantly feel reignited. The power is within me but Kisha help me focus my energy. Since our talk I’ve become more purposeful with how I spend my time, what I do with my mental energy, and overall I’ve been living a more intentional life. Thank you

Bailey J: After speaking with Lakisha, I've started practicing my Miracle Morning daily and journaling! I ordered a SUPER cute new notebook to help me stay motivated to use it and journal through life! I have started writing and reciting new affirmations daily and feel so much more confident to EAT THE FROG! I've been checking off tasks daily that I've been hesitating on competing for months. I'm definitely going to continue improving myself after our call- I feel like I CAN achieve whatever it is I desire and she's helped me to take my first step! 10/10 recommendation! Bailey Alexandra, Work At Home Wino

Let’s create goals that lights your ass out of bed in the morning and empowers you to show up as the GOAL DIGGER you are.

I love helping my clients not only think out the box but say fuck the box completely. You see it’s almost as if, society gives us a set of rules to follow in order to be successful. So, I take pride in helping my clients make, break and create a life they see fit for themselves.

If you’re ready to color outside the lines and have some fun…JUST FUCKING JUMP is for you.

That’s what I’m ready to help you do.

Mindset Work is my Jam… Literally I spend Countless hours working through my blocks to make my life as easy and flow based as possible.

Just Fucking Jump Includes:

  • 5 Weekly 60 minute one on one calls with me

  • Daily Journaling Prompts to help you tap back into Abundance

  • Accountability for the shit you say you’ll do

  • Tough love and emotional support along this journey

  • Daily Actionable Steps to bridge the gap between your reality and your desires

  • Law of Attraction Tips to Manifesting WDF you want quickly

I Know this is a HELL YES for you. JUST FUCKING JUMP Starts Monday October, 23rd and I couldn’t be more excited.

This entire 5 Week Coaching Program is available for 1,111.11. If you book by Monday, October 16th, the early bird pricing is $900 thats a discount of $111.11.

Payment options are also available. Message me for more details. And we can get you started right now. Message me at if you have any questions.


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