Are You Planting New Roots?

EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS WORKING OUT FOR ME (OH COURSE YOU TOO). I was chanting this as I went to see yet another room to rent in LA. You see the friend who I originally moved here to stay with has decided to leave LA and travel the world. And as happy as I am for her, a sense of panic rushed through my body, thinking WDF am I going to do next. But after a day filled with anxiety, I remembered that everything always works out.

Now I remem

ber people telling me how expensive LA was but it wasn’t until I was looking for an apartment that I actually realized what EXPENSIVE meant.

So, I embarked on a search to rent a room. And I found the perfect place with everything I want and more - like two outdoor pools. And I am so happy and so grateful that I am making roots for myself here before I head back to NYC for the Holidays.

Apart of me knew if I went back to NYC without securing a place and leaving it to the last minute, I would change my mind. I would get caught up in missing my family and allow my niece to talk me into moving in with her and her dolls. You see when you start to ELEVATE your life you have to start stepping into that next level and planting roots. Creating something to stand on that will lock you into this NEW transformation.

Anchoring in new beliefs, hanging out in new places or making new commitments.

Imagine when you signed the lease to your apartment, the management company wanted a commitment from you to stay for 6/12 months. They wanted to know that you were serious about this next step and lock in a commitment. No ones to be in a situation where things are inconsistent and a constant revolving door. You can find places to live that rent month to month but the type of next level shift you are preparing to make in your life requires a commitment. The same technique applies with your dreams, when you began to claim what’s yours you need to plant new roots for yourself.

And for me that meant having a place to call home once it was time to leave NYC again. You are constantly choosing to be whoever you want to be. And moving to LA was such a HUGE leap for me and going back for the Holidays, made me anxious wondering if I didn’t have roots, I would just cross it off my bucket list, having done it for 2 months and nestle back into my comfort zone.

We are Human and it is easy for us to be distracted and taken off our path when we see temporary pleasure in our face. Having a home cooked meal by my mom, spending time with my niece and sisters are all the things I miss but I know LA is where I need to be for myself.

You must keep deciding to be the NEXT level version of yourself. It isn’t a one and done.

So I had to plant the seed and this new apartment is perfect. My roommate gives the best hugs and I am so excited to experience California having finally set roots.

We have to let GO of the person we were before to become the person we were meant to be.

My challenge for you is: 1. Figure out what it s that you really want in your life right now. 2. Ask yourself how you can plant roots and get yourself in the vibration to receive everything you want. 3. Continuously remind yourself that EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS WORKING OUT.

PS: I have private coaching spots available and I am making space in my life for 3 ambitious women who are ready to end 2017 with a BANG and kickstart 2018. I have made the biggest transformations in my life in the best 3 months and I am ready and willing to help you do the same. So message me for more details.


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