What Are You Denying Yourself?

I told myself I couldn't afford a $68 Chakra Crystal.

I told myself I was being wasteful with my money and I could use that $68 towards something more useful (paying off debt or paying my bills in advance).

I denied myself something I truly desired and I struggled for a few hours accepting that idea.

I already know that the Universe is supporting me and wants me to have everything I desire but for some reason - I couldn't just buy the damn thing. I know you've been there before where you want something but you tell yourself you can't have it because you're being irresonsibile with your money. You "should" be using that money to pay for other things - denying yourself your basic pleasures.


We are Abundant beings and CAN have everything we want.

Step 1: Get Grateful for ALL the EPIC shit you already have in your life.

I am extremely grateful for my amazing roommate, she makes me feel at home in a city where I know no


I am extremely grateful for the guy who didn't pick me because he has opened my eyes up to so much love and beauty in the world.

I am extremely grateful for my ever growing audience because they motivate me to continue doing what I love - coaching.

I am extremely grateful to be living in Sunny California because I have dreamed of this moment for years.

I am extremely grateful for my healthy because it allows me to live life without fear.

Instantly I felt a shift in my energy. You see when we say things like I can't afford this or I want more money we are ultimately telling the Universe that we do not believe money is coming - we are speaking from a place of lack or absence.

Yet when we become grateful for ALL of the amazing things we already have the Universe will send us more to be grateful for. Abundance will begin to over flow.

I decided to STOP saying I want and START saying "I ALREADY HAVE" because I trust that the Universe will always deliver (because she always has).

In the past, I have some how always been able to pay my bills, travel the world, loan money and pay for college working crappy jobs in one of the most expensive cities in the world (NYC). I believe that everything is working out for me, so I am going to start being GRATEFUL for what is to come.

Guess What - Yesterday I made a sale and was able to get two FREE Chakra Crystals Necklaces ( I only paid for shipping) 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

Talk about ABUNDANCE.

When you decide that you already HAVE everything you need - the universe fulfills your order.

Universe hears our desires and grants us everything we think/speak about.

Step 2: Change the conversation: I ALREADY HAVE...

I already have tons of clients who pay me in full. I already have soulmate clients who rave about my work. I already have soulmate clients who smash their freaking goals. I already have tons of freaking money in my savings account. I already have my bills paid out 6 months in advance. I already have millions of people in my ever growing audience. I already have the man of my dreams, who loves me.

I already have an incredible husband who loves creating epic memories together.

I already have a sold out coaching private practice for 2018.

I already have thousands of dollars saved in the bank.

I already have a drop top convertible white BMW.

I already have amazing friends who love and support my dreams.

I already have a thriving multiple 7 figure business - that allows me to travel freely all over the world.

I already have sold out stadiums with my Seminars as the host.

I already have a New York and LA Times best selling book.

I already have a chef who prepares the most delicious healthy foods ever - making my transition off red meat effortless.

I already have 10 million email and youtube subscribers who totally love my content.

Tell me below in the comments what you already have


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