7 Tricks to Kickass in 2018

January is ALMOST over and I know from personal experience that this is around the time when we tend to get lazy and lose sight of our goals. But there was something DRASTICALLY different about 2017 that allowed me to surpass my goals and have my best year to date.

I was able to narrow down the 7 Hacks I did differently last year to achieve incredible fights such has:

>> Quitting my soul sucking 9-5 Aug 2017

>> End a Toxic 2 year relationship with a compulsive manipulator

>> Move across country from NYC to LA (having never left home before)

>> Not only be apart of my sisters wedding but throw her a Bachelorette Party on a Yacht that allowed us to island hop for the day

>> Build the confidence to grow my business

>> Start building a relationship with my Dad

Honestly, I know that if I can do it - YOU CAN TOO!!!

7 Tips to Have a Kick A$$ 2018


1. What do you desire?

Seriously WDF do you want? I was able to smash my goals because I knew what they were. I wasn’t just moving around aimlessly hoping things would come together for me. I knew what I wanted. I bought myself a Dry Erase board and wrote out my TOP 5 Goals.

I looked at my goals EVERY DAY! I was clear on what I wanted so it was simple for me to figure out the HOW. Place your goals somewhere you can see them every day and every night. I have my goals on the dry erase board and on an index card that I carry around in my wallet.

2. Energy Goes Where Energy Flows

Place your attention (energy) on the very thing that it is you want. Typically, we tend to NOT hit our goals because we become distracted with temporary shinny objects. You know binge watching Friends when you really should be creating that new program - that now you’ve put it off so long - you no longer want to go it - so you just quit.

Ask yourself: What will POTENTIALLY try to distract me?

I know for me it was partying with my friends - I always felt like I was going to miss out on something and I would put my work off and go hang out. I had to tell my friends - not to invite me ANYMORE. When I was free I would let them know. I couldn’t be distracted if I never knew.

Figure out what could hinder your GREATNESS and set some boundaries in place between you and your peeps to hold you accountable (or just sign up for my Membership Tribe - so I can call you out on your BS).

3. Learn to Say NO

Protect you energy and time. Do things that excite you and not just out of obligation. When I started saying NO to shit that didn’t feel good - I got more done. Now I’m not saying you can’t have FUN but do the things that fill your cup - not just what you feel you “should” do.

4. Fuck FEAR


Fear is totally natural and will never go away. There will always be something new to try and outside of your comfort zone. Don’t allow fear to keep you from what’s rightfully yours - abundance! If doing a live stream is scary - do it anyway. If sharing your story is scary - do it anyway - that’s the very thing your audience needs to hear.

I have a horrible fear that I’ll trip and fall and chip my two front teeth (I’m quite clumsy) but you don’t see me sitting at home - freaking out about walking outside. Nope I’m hiking, going to the gym and even wearing high heels - FEAR WILL NOT RUN THE SHOW!

Act in spite of fear! Your Future Self Will Thank You - Trust ME.

5. Environment:

You are the who you surround yourself with - who are the TOP 5 people you chill with?

Are the people in your circle adding to your life or draining you? The Successful People that you admire hang around other people who are doing BIG shit. Oprah isn’t hanging out with someone who’s afraid of risk or doesn’t have ambition - she is mindful of her circle and calling in the TOP 1%.

You don’t need to be Oprah Level to do that right now - find people who are a few steps ahead of you and check out their habits, daily rituals, how they show up and everything else epic about them.

6. Beliefs:

Whatever you believe, with feeling, becomes your reality. The MORE intensely you believe something to be true, the quicker it will show up in physical form.

So what do you CHOOSE to believe? What do you believe about 2018?

Take time out EVERY morning and EVERY night to write out your beliefs.

I choose to believe 2018 will be my best year yet. I choose to believe I always smash my money goals. I choose to believe soulmate clients make their way to me ready to pay me. I choose to believe I can travel all over the world and create epic memories.

What are your beliefs calling in? Remember - Belief created FACTS.


NOW that you believe you are the SHIT : What would you do. Write out 10 actionable steps you can take right now to bring you a step closer to the end result.

People tend to get caught up in the surrender part that they forget to take action. action. So I’m hear to remind you. You are now in a place of flow and ease - so ask yourself : if I already had the results I craved what would I do.



The trick is to keep repeating these steps over and over. Let them do their MAGIC.

This is exactly what I did to have a fantastic 2017 and what I’ll be doing to make 2018 even better. I don’t want to be celebrating at the end of 2018 alone - I want to see your smiling face - enjoying every moment of your success.

So without further or do - GO BE GREAT!!!!!


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