Open Yourself Up to Change

Belief creates actual fact - William James Belief is nothing more than a thought you think or and over.

You see your belief gives you tunnel vision. The thought edits out ANY contradictory information that is inconsistent with what YOU DECIDE TO BELIEVE. We allow (myself included) our limiting beliefs to create massive roadblocks between where we are and we we want to be. The idea that you can’t do, be, have anything you desire (limiting belief) is holding you back from receiving. Every time you ask yourself why haven’t I manifested I‎t yet - take a look at your beliefs. What you’re actually calling in.

A thought - belief - action = manifestation.

Let’s get back to the roots (core) and figure out where things are going out of wack. If you believe I‎t strongly enough - I‎t will manifest.

What are you Manifesting?

Are you ready and open to change?

Law of attraction isn’t just about the words you speak but the vibration you are sending off. If you’re sending out mixed signals the Universe doesn’t know what to send you.

You can’t keep saying “I’ve always been this way” and expect things to change - trust me they won’t. I’ve tried and I‎t never does ( I know you have too).


Repeat with me: I AM WILLING TO CHANGE.

Say it over and over to yourself (200x a day).

I know that sounds like a lot but you’ve spent years (decades) believing in lack. Believing that it’s easy for other people but not you - let’s anchor in the NEW state of change.

You are opening yourself up for miracles to happen right here, right now. Celebrate your life and everything that is to come.

Journey starts over NOW!

Watch the video I did on Facebook all about changing your life!

Are you ready for change?


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