Clap, Clap, Bravo

Today's Mantra: I Always Have So Much To Be Proud Of - Thanks Universe. 

Every morning, before I do anything else (even pee) - I write out my daily mantra a minimum of 25 times. I LOVE to start my day off focusing on what I am calling into my life - ABUNDANCE. Today was no difference, but today I realized how true the statement really is. 

I have so much to be proud of because life is going FANTASTIC! I am manifesting with rapid speed and my clients are killing it. I am not saying any of this to brag (you know me better than that) but I am telling you this because I want you to see what is possible for you - right now. 

The little changes that you make in your life will make a world of difference, so STOP sabotaging yourself. I have complete faith in you! I started writing writing out my affirmations daily because I belived more was available for me (as do you) so I started doing what made me feel good. 

Instead of starting the day, complaining about work or everything on your to do list - place your attention on - what you want to believe. Begin to anchor in the beliefs of your next level self.

Literally, I write out:

- I am so freaking rich.     - I am overflowing with cash flow.     - I am manifesting with rapid speed.  

- Money comes to me so easy.  - Miracles are happening for me everyday    - Selling is super easy

- Anything I ask for, is given    - Anything is possible for me    - I replace fear with love daily 

- I am aligned with abundance flowing freely into my life.  - I am a RICH BITCH.

- I woke up this morning, worthy AF   - Money comes to me so fucking easy - everyday

- I am extremely wealthy.   - Thank you Universe, I have everything I need and so much more. 

When you first start writing these out - you'll think BS but the more you do it, the more you'll believe it. Truthfully, the CYNICAL crap you got going on isn't working out for you - so I'm telling you it's time to try something different. 

I am constantly in a state of flow because I choose to believe it's possible for me. I choose to believe it's easy for me. I choose to believe ABUNDANCE is all around me. And I want you to see the same. 

Here are a 3 questions to help you see that you are OVERFLOWING with prosperity, right now:

1. What things have you previously prayed for, that you NOW have?

-- I use to pray that I would live in LA and now it's my reality. 

-- I use to pray to have coaching clients and now more clients keep coming in. 

-- Library in my bedroom: private space filled with books that light me up inside

-- Pool literally right outside of my bedroom window

-- Fantastic roommate who is on the same spiritual path as me

-- My Sister is moving to LA! Woot Woot!

2. Celebration: What 5 things can you celebrate right now ( that you normally take for granted)?

-- My relationship with my family - we are extremely close and I don't thank them enough for how much they mean to me. 

-- I got offered a FREE 3 day trip to Vegas to celebrate my birthday 

-- Someone bought my first pair of jordans (something I was always too afraid to ask for)

-- I have amazing clients that I get to coach every single day!

--Girl Crush Interview Series: Incredible women ready to chat with me and add value to my audience.

-- Confidence Boost: I am totally loving myself on another level and showing up more powerfully. 

3. What things in the past couldn't you do, that's available for you now?

Driving: I am becoming an excellent driver and now I have the freedom to come and go as I please. I can drive anywhere!

Video: Gosh I use to be so afraid to show up online and now it's no big deal!

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