How Bad Do You Have to Pee?

Make sure you use the bathroom  - shouts my mother a million times beforeleaving the house  ( ME still never listening).

Ultimately, resulting in me having to use the bathroom in the most random places ( mens’ stall in a bottle in the car, or in a bush after a concert in bumper to bumper traffic). I'm oversharing today because I have to get my point across. 


I have to constantly remind myself to STOP waiting for the last minute to go to the bathroom. Don't wait until your leg is shaking uncontrollably and you're semi forced to pee in the craziest places - go when you first get the urge. 


How we do one thing - is How we do everything! 

So when you think about your goals (desires), are you waiting to the last minute to take action? Are you waiting to be backed into a corner before you feel like enough is enough or are you taking action at the first sign of discomfort? 

The year is currently 2018 and we see people succeeded in careers they love, so why are you waiting around for someone to hand you a dream job? 

Remember: You Are Your Rescue. 

Take matters into your own hands and ACT NOW. 

Create a sense of urgency in your life and start moving. Even the tiniest step is a step in the RIGHT direction. 

People who don’t succeed don’t want I‎t bad enough - they are simply not serious. 

By “not serious” I mean they simply refuse to commit to changing their lives, they are relying on some outside source to save them. 

The URGENCY just isn’t there for them. 

Check out my video on creating urgency in your life and business. 

How bad do you have to pee?


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