Skating Past Fear

Do you have a dream inside of you that’s so BIG you can’t sleep at night? 

Do You spend so many hours imagining exactly how everything will play out?

Do you watch up everyday eager to get the day started?

Do you constantly find yourself struggling to get any engagement - yet alone make sales?

Do you get frustrated because when you do hop on discovery calls - potential clients say no or just ghost you after?

If you answered HELL YES to any of these you gotta take a step back - really examine ARE YOU SOLD ON YOU? 

Do you really believe you can help someone transform their life? Do you really believe you have a gift? Do you really believe your work is of high value? 

If you don’t, nobody is going to buy from you because YOU DON’T EVEN TRUST YOU! 

Why should they spend their hard earned money investing in you? 

Truth is they shouldn’t and they won’t! 

That’s why you’re hear reading this post because enough is enough. 


Chant that as many times as you need to really believe I‎t. Dig deep into the heart of the problem (self worth) and figure out why you’re struggling to believe you are worthy of having I‎t all.

Because you are! 

We all are! 

You can have I‎t right now! 

So get off your ass and get moving. 

I did a video on my facebook page all about skating through fear - check it out if you're REALLY committed to getting to the next level. 

Skating Past Fear  - Must Watch

PS: I am offering FREE weekly group coaching every Thursday on Zoom (Time with be announced shortly) 

PPS: Get off your ass and stop making excuses. Live your life RIGHT NOW! 

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