Aligned Magic

How much longer are you going to be a victim of your situation? 

You’re spending day in and day out complaining about the ONE thing ONLY YOU can change. 

So I’ll ask you again, how much longer are you going to be a victim of your situation? 

An hour? 

A day? 

A week? 

5 months? 

5 years? 

Tell me. 

Because people are sick and tired of hearing you complain! Hell I know you’re annoyed listening to yourself - yet all you’re doing is talking and STILL no action. 

You can’t keep complaining about something you’re not willing to change. You have to make a decision, accept it or change It. 

You’re a smart person so I know you are ready to change but the first thing you MUST do is take your responsibility back. 

You are the ONLY person who has gotten you in this situation and you are the ONLY person who can get you out. 

Say it with me: I am willing to change my life for the better. 

Now a little louder for the haters in the back (doubts within yourself): I AM WILLING TO CHANGE MY LIFE FOR THE BETTER! 

Acknowledge where you are and understand that It does not define you. The shit of the past are just that - a thing of the past. I’m ready to help you let that excess baggage go. 

Trust, I am speaking from experience because I’ve been where you are. 

Monday’s I started work at 6am, I wore a uniform that did nothing for my figure (lol) and creativity for fashion, I had to ask for permission to go on lunch and practically had to beg for my two weeks vacation. 

I was felt like a prisoner and it was my own fault. I gave up on my dreams. I choose fear over possibility. And I struggled to let go of that identity, of being an employee. 

When I started my business I had to TRUST in myself that I would do what it takes to pay my bills every month and feed myself. I was afraid and no one around me understood anything I was experiencing, I was going at this business thing blind. 

But I knew I had to keep pushing.  I knew there was more for me on the other side of fear. 

And I was right. 

Now I get to wake up everyday with my Body as my own alarm clock. I can plan trips all around the world whenever I want because I work from my laptop and most importantly I get to do work that FILLS me up. 

I am committed to helping women OWN their strengths and skate through fear to be, do, and have anything they crave. 

YES, I struggled to believe I can build a profitable business. 

YES, I struggled to believe I could move across Country (alone). 

YES, I struggled to believe I was worthy of receiving money for my gifts (I gave hundreds of hours of FREE sessions away out of fear). 

YES, I know how you feel. I had that fear in my heart that you’re experiencing right now but I’m here to tell you - YOU MUST PUSH THROUGH. 

I‎t is SO worth I‎t on the other side! 

You are worthy of so much more than you are currently settling for, so let me help you get it. 

I’m ready to help you do just that by being someone to call you out on your Bull Shit Excuses, when the fear starts rising and you’re was ready to hide.

Someone to ask you the questions your  to scared to face alone. 

Someone to tell you, you're not crazy for dreaming bigger. 

Let me be that person for you! 

The Time Is NOW to SMASH Your Goals - You Do Not Need To Waste Another Second Playing Small. 

If you’ve decided you are no longer a victim and you’re ready to win at the game of life join my 3 month coaching program ALIGNED MAGIC! 

Time to sprinkle fairy dust all over your life and create miracles! 

Aligned Magic is a 1:1 coaching experience with me. 

You will receive: 

12 - hour long calls with me every week 

Unlimited Access to me via messenger/email 

Access to Listen Up Universe (membership group for 6 months) 

Access to ANY new digital courses I create 

And so much more. 

Investmen $2700 (payment plans available) 

Book your session with me below to get started!

Don’t miss out on this fantastic deal!


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