Move over I need a seat

Have you ever just looked up at the stars? Typically, I would answer NO but tonight was different. I am away at a Transformation in the Desert Retreat and I don’t know if it’s the booze or the calming effort of Palm Springs winds (maybe both) but tonight I looked up at the stars. Each one shinning and piercing my soul in their own right. In NYC the lights are so bright that you can hardly see any stars, tonight I took FULL advantage. Everything I say or do is intentional, so I asked the Universe, what lesson did I need the stars to show me. Ask and you shall receive - the Universe answered - Permission to shine your light! Stars aren’t concerned with other stars, they’re just STARS, they are just themselves among a galaxy. The North Star, Orion’s Belt or Sirius each have a stunning characteristic that set each one apart from one another. Allowing each other to shine and become the most beautiful thing to observe. The Stars gave me FULL permission to shine my light and not worry how other feels about my sparkle. I am free to be me. It benefits no one to dim your light. You have FULL permission to shine your light! There are billions of stars in the Galaxy and each one is special. Each one serves a purpose! Subconsciously, I’ve been feeling like I’m sitting at the kids table at a huge dinner party, watching the “real” adults talk love, politics and everything in between. While I watched from the other side, cutting up chicken fingers and opening up Capri Sun Juices. I was looking in, watching people have captivating conversations, that some how I felt I couldn’t be apart of. My Star, watching in amazement and now FULLY granted permission tonight to get out of my own way. Permission to sit at the adult table and join the conversations. Permission to shine my light! Permission to be heard. Permission to let life just be EASY. Permission to look up at the Stars. Now, I feel liberated because I’ve finally freed myself from the chains I’ve locked myself in. No one has ever told me, my voice didn’t matter, but I subconsciously, accepted It as my story. But No More. Today onward, I Lakisha Corbett, give myself FULL permission to be ME. Be, Say and Do as I please! I feel empowered and this trip has totally helped me tap back into a flow I didn’t realize I longed for. So let me help you, in case you didn’t know you were lost or in case you did know and are in search of answers. Ask Yourself These 3 Questions: 1. What do I need to give myself permission to say or do to have everything I want? 2. I choose to know exactly where I WANT to be and that is..... ( Tip: We tend to use the excuse that we don’t know what we want but in all honesty we do. We just try and turn off our brains but we always know. We know what we want to eat for dinner, we know what we want in a partner and we know how we want to spend our days. So allow yourself to KNOW. Choose to know. Focus on your intuition guiding you to your soul’s purpose). 3. How do you want to be remembered? (What kind of legacy do you WANT to leave in the world)? Allow yourself to journal FREELY on all three of these questions and you will be amazed at the answers you come up with, once you start looking. Your Star will thank you for the awareness because now you’ll show up differently in the world. A person who knows how they want to be remembered, doesn’t waste time, they are action takers. They shine bright. Allowing others to do the same. As I light the match under my ass and take action towards my future, I invite you to do the same. Join me in my three month program Aligned Magic and flip the switch to shine brighter! One on one coaching with me is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced and your future self will thank you. Message me to find out more details. I only have a few spots left and doors are closing next week. Sending you Abundance ❤️ 

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