WDF Are You Doing?


Seriously, I wish you could see what I see when I think of you. Which is a powerful, ambitious, tenacious woman who is HUNGRY for so much more? I see the passion within you, that's just burning to come out but something inside of you is holding back. 


You fear what releasing that inner Goddess would really mean, about how you have been REALLY living your life. (You've been playing it safe and you didn't need too).

You fear it means you’ve been wasting time. (Nobody loves wasted time). 

You fear it means it won’t work out because things haven’t always worked out in the past. 

I totally understand because everything in my past, hasn’t gone according to plan and it sucks but I don’t use it as an excuse. 

I keep moving forward and so should you! 

I choose to NOT waste any more time, playing it safe, I dream BIG and take massive aligned action!

I know you’re thinking, easy for you to say, you’re living your dream life under the California Sun every day and you don’t have to go through what I go through every day. 


Because I've pulled myself up from exactly where you are. I was working at the dead-end job,  longing for something more fulfilling. And I was HUNGRY enough (just as you are) to go after what I wanted ( Prosperous Life).  

You can totally keep committing mental and spiritual suicide and clinging to your past mistakes or you can choose to SOAR. 

You can easily decide that the past doesn’t define you and choose a better feeling story. Choose to look at your past as a blessing and extract the lesson and keep moving toward your BIG BRIGHT FUTURE. We cannot change what has happened in the past, we can ONLY change our perception of the story. 

TODAY and every day after decide to see the blessings instead of TOTAL disappointment. Decide to be the author of your life and write the ending you deserve. 

ACTION STEP: Reply to this email with 3 SPECIFIC reasons you have to be happy. 

Then make this a daily practice. When you begin to shift your focus from the negative TO POSITIVE, you open your eyes to ALL of the extraordinary things the World has to offer you. 

The UNIVERSE wants you to have everything you desire, that's why you have the thoughts of more because it's totally possible. Don't let another day go by without choosing HAPPINESS.

PS: The Doors Close on Aligned Magic Saturday at 11: 59 pm (PST) and I don't want you to miss out on this amazing offer. 

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12 Weekly hour deep dive coaching sessions

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Bonus: Ticket to my LIVE in-person event in MIAMI in July.  

Aligned Magic is a $2700 investment that just makes sense. (Payment plans are available)

The Time is NOW to FIRE YOURSELF from your 9-5 and sign your first high paying clients. Let's get you SOARING towards everything you've dreamed of. 



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