You Just Being You Is Enough! 👊🏽

#Truthbomb: My Anaconda don’t want none unless you have buns Hun - Sir Mix A lot 

Confessions time: 

My friends have really big butts and I use to feel insecure about my little butt when we would hang out together. I would feel MEH whenever we would go out and guys didn’t hit on me, I always felt like it was because my butt wasn’t big enough. So, I would shy away and hide in the back, acting super anti-social, all, because I felt like tiny’s butt’s, didn’t matter. LOL

Eventually, I started hitting the gym, doing squats, lunges and even donkey kicks to help my but grow but ultimately nothing really changed (thankfully) because I realized I was doing it all for the WRONG reasons. I was seeking outside validation from men ( I didn’t even want to date) to make myself feel sexy (worthy of attention).

I needed to become more confident in my own skin and embrace the amazing features that I was born with and TRUST that, that is enough to attract my soulmate. I am not just looking for a good time, I am looking to build a life with someone, so I needed to TRUST that the person who is meant for me will love my just the way that I am. 

He will enjoy my humor, smile, passion and little butt, just as the person you love. 

We don't need to look like anyone else but ourselves and that is enough!

We are enough.  MANTRA: I am perfect, I love my body, exactly as it is today. And so should you.

My soulmate is someone who will love my body exactly as it is and the more comfortable I become with myself, the easier it will be to attract him. 

We all tend to struggle with our own form of insecurities and we need to fully love ourselves to attract in our desires.  We need to become an energetic match for our desires and we can’t do that from a place of lack (insecurity), we need to be feeling abundantly beautiful. 

You will rarely ever (if at all) allow yourself to manifest something to validate this lie that says you aren’t ENOUGH unless you are able to manifest something such as simple as guy or money. The more we love and accept ourselves, the more we call in others to do the same. We will begin to manifest people who see our light and power and love being in our presence. Don't forget how special and important YOU are. Don't allow outside “trends” and opinions of others to direct your self-worth and confidence when truthfully, you were born perfect. LOVE WHO YOU ARE - TRUST THAT YOU ARE ENOUGH FOR THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE. Know that someone is praying for you to walk into their lives right now, hold your chin up and stay blessed. PS: BIG butt or not embrace your beauty.  Tell me below what is one thing you love about yourself.

Let’s celebrate body positivity together! 

You are so enough

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