You Can’t Afford to Not Dream Big

How Do You Push Past Fear? Fear of Failure Fear of Judgment Fear of Financial Instability Fear of not being “ready” People ask me these questions all the time and the truth is ... you just decide to fucking do it. You can’t afford to NOT dream big! Dreaming BIG is a must in my line of work (as I‎t should be yours)! When I check my bank account, get an email from Delta Airlines or go shopping in Beverly Hills, I am reminded of the type of life I want to be living. I want the multiple 7 figure savings account. I want to fly first class all over the world. I want to go shopping and not look at price tags (just buy what I like). I want so much more than is currently present for me and not having I‎t is more scary than anything else. I grew up on government assistance in a single parent home, I am ready to retire my mother and that doesn’t happen from thinking small. You need to have BIG lofty goals to pull that type of shit off! And truth be told, it lights the fire up under my ass! My GOALS are motivation for me. Motivation for me to keep moving forward when I‎t looks like things aren’t working. Motivation for me to inspire other people (who had struggles) to see they too can succeed. Motivation for me to show up POWERFULLY for my audience and help them transform their lives. My past “struggles” are my driving force to push past my fears. Fears are REAL but they shouldn’t stop you from getting everything you CRAVE. This is an Abundant Universe and you shouldn’t limit yourself based on the “obstacles” that are in front of you! Tell Me: What goal do you have (or will create) that is BIGGER than your fears? 

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You Can’t Afford To Not Dream Big


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