What do you believe?

Do you really believe you can fulfill your dreams?

I am sensing some hesitation on your part. So I'll ask again: Honestly, do you?

I don’t mean to poke holes in your story but I can tell you’re not fully sold, that everything is REALLY going to work out FOR YOU.

You're clinging (subconsciously or not) that you must be right, so you hold onto the idea that this won't WORK. And you would have wasted a bunch of time, on your business, trying to lose weight, find love or healthy friendships - so you don't really try.

You have this ILLUSION that time is passing you by quickly and you would rather stay “safe” in your comfort zone then PLAY FULL out, so you only pretend to really believe. When I mean pretend, I mean, you’re not fooling anyone. Hence, why none of it is working.

Question: Have you ever gotten an apology from someone and you can tell that it is totally ungenuine and you’re just like seriously, you didn’t even mean that but you nod your head and pretend. Well, that’s what it feels like when you don’t show up to win, you give off an energy that says you just don’t give a fuck.

NOBODY is buying it (including you)!

That is HOW it looks when you don't fully show up.

You’re just trying to hide behind your fear. So if things really don’t work out then you can just say see, I already knew that it wouldn't, that’s why I didn’t even really try.

This excuse is the exact reason as to why it won’t work.

The mind listening to you what you believe. If you believe it’s possible, it will attract ideas, people, and situations to bring you closer to the reality.

If you don’t believe it’s possible, it will shut down or provide evidence in the past where things “didn’t” work out to validate your point.

Seriously, why would you waste time and not give it you're all.

You know you want so much more than what is currently in front of you. Barely getting by financially, eating another slice of pizza that you’ll regret in the morning, smoking cigarettes or arguing with the same dusty boyfriend.

Whatever your vice is, I know you’re over it.

You are over complaining and it’s nothing wrong with that. I know you’re just trying to figure out a way to protect yourself from any further pain, so you don’t push as hard and you don’t really believe.

But you know that way will NEVER work. You have to show up as the person who believes it’s already accomplished.

I want you to win. I am ready to help you.

TIP 1: Affirm

All is well.

Everything is always working out for me.

I choose to completely believe in myself.

I am fully supported by my dreams.

AKA: Write them down a million times in your journal. Chant them aloud all day long.

Begin to reprogram your mindset to WIN. Successful people believe they will be successful long before it ever happens.

TIP 2: Eliminate the BS

You have to let go of the idea that it won’t work.

I remember I use to affirm: I allow what no longer serves me to be easily removed and not only did my doubts move out of the way but so did “friends” who weren’t helping me grow.

Eliminate distractions that tell you, you can’t do it. Don’t share your BIG dreams with small minded people because they can’t handle it - you’re dealing with enough of your own insecurities, you don’t need to add on anyone else's.

You were born with a purpose and I FULLY intend on helping you fulfill that purpose but you have to want it badly enough for yourself. You have to be ready to eliminate the BS work (looking busy) and ACTUALLY do the work that will produce results.

What does that work look like you ask… it looks like getting laser focus on your BIG VISION, removing any resistance that says you can't have it and taking daily action to move you closer and closer each day.

Just comment below or email me at info.ourlipsaremoving@gmail.com so we can get started mapping out your dream life and create a plan to make it happen NOW.

New Beginnings is a 6-month private coaching program with me! Where we will resign every aspect of your life. I truly believe (You, Me, We) can have it all - so I want to spend that time creating the foundation to call it all in.

More Laughs

More Money

More Love

More Adventure

More Friends

More Travel

More Sleep

And anything else you desire.

Last summer, my life was completely different, I was living in NYC, working at a job I despised and surrounding myself with unsavory people. And now it’s the complete opposite, I live in a city I love, I explore every single day, I make money doing what I love and I hang around people who wish me well.

And I can totally make this happen for you as well but you have to take the first step and message me.


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