Say It With Me: I Always Have Money Left Over! Truth be Told, I struggled with this concept for a really long time because often I just asked for enough to cover the necessities! Rent! Phone! Food! Clothes! Maybe a drink or two on a Friday night! 

I never asked for more, thus never getting it (this is now a thing of the past)! But I was grateful just to have enough and struggled to believe it was POSSIBLE to have more. And honestly, so many of YOU are living this way, asking for JUST ENOUGH to get by when we really want more! More Money. More Laughs. More Fun. More Love. More Life. Yet time and time again we settle and I NOW know I can tell you it’s safe to want more. You can ask and receive MORE. Feel free to ask for what you want below in the comments! 

Bold Moves interview with ME!

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