Fake it until you make it

Ugh I major rolls when people say you have to “fake it until you make it” 🙄 I hate the idea that we believe we have to “fake” and pretend to be something we ALREADY are.  

You can “fake” courage, confidence, wealth, health or happiness or you can ACCEPT that you were ALREADY born this way! 

Because you were. 

Yet somewhere in your early years, you got confused. You stopped getting praised for the anything (because it’s what’s you’re “suppose” to do ) and instead you got scolded for your “fuck ups”, thus causing you to fear showing up and asking for what you want. 

You begin spending more time examining where you “needed” to improve and what was missing instead of realizing how BADASS you truly are. 

So you lost hope. You no longer believed you could fly. You no longer believed you could be anything you want. You no longer believed if you fall down you could EASILY get back up. And that’s okay because that’s the past but right now you have an obligation to YOURSELF to ask for more and allow yourself to receive it! But it won’t happen if you’re trying to pretend to be someone your not (“faking it”) but deciding that you are ALREADY that person. You already are extremely confident. You already are in the best shape of your life. You already are one of the richest people on earth. You are the happiest person you know. The best part is, if you don’t fully see the vision, YOU have the power to change it. 

The mind is like a sponge, the more you show up as the person, the easier it becomes to make it your reality. Imagine if you already believed you were in the best shape of your life - working out and eating healthy would be normal! 

It would typically be apart of the healthy habits you would have, so you wouldn’t make such a big deal about it, you would just do it, even when you didn’t feel like because you KNOW why you’re doing it - maintain that great body. 

But when you don’t feel like you have a great body, eating healthy and working out seems like a waste of time, like it will do you no good! 

Because you’re still identifying with the person who is unhappy with her life, you’re focused on the negative but if you just decided you are that person right now - you would easily get results! 

It’s not about “faking it” as much as it is about deliberately creating the life that you deserve. You get to be the person you desire, right now because you are ALREADY that person! 

Surprisingly enough, you will soon feel these qualities in yourself. You just have to own it. 

You already are.  The only thing that will change is your outside and it starts with HOW you see yourself now. If you’re calling yourself a fake - NOTHING WILL CHANGE. Your brain isn’t thrilled about you trying to fake something, it knows better than that but if you just accept that you were born worthy, deserving and enough - deliberately creating your future is just apart of your reality and there is no faking that!  It’s all a matter of perception and if you want things to work out in your favor - decide to become that person right now! Decide that you may not have all the answers but shit will still get done. 

Decide that you get to be, do and have it all. 

You decide what you want!  Tell me now who you’re choosing to be...  

Screw “fake it til you make it” concept


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