OMG What If....

What if no one signs up? Ugh! The agony 😫😫 I must’ve asked myself this question a million times. Whether it was a freebie, webinar, group or private coaching?  

I asked myself WHAT IF NO ONE SIGNS UP? And as paralyzing as that question is the ONLY way to find out the answer is to actually launch something! You can’t just sit by and allow your imagination (limiting belief) to win. When I say launch, I mean FULLY commit yourself to the success of your program! 🔥 Expecting it to be a big hit! 🔥Expecting people to be dying to work with you! 🔥Expecting your wildest dreams to come true! You see, ONE of the reasons why most launches fail is because you plan to fail, you allow the question “WHAT IF NO ONE SIGNS UP?” to steer how you promote your work. You sell yourself short! If you are expecting your product to fail it will because you’re not an energetic match for it to be any other way! You don’t have the confidence or conviction to sale the program the way it needs to be because you don’t fully believe in it. You keep imagining the worst case scenario. You can’t half ass a launch and expect epic results! You gotta put some effort into it. You gotta look at this differently. You have to imagine WHAT IF tons of people sign up and I only have room for 10? What if you end up with a waiting list of people dying to start right now? What if you sale out your program in 48 hours? So many ways to look at WHAT IF and they are far more exciting to explore than the negatives! Change your perspection. So when I would find myself asking “what if no one signs up?” I just reminded myself that I’ll just launch again! There is no Plan B for me! My coaching business will thrive because it is my passion and I am committed to following it through to the end. And you need to start looking at your life the same way! Whether you are a coach, MLM, branding or author, you have to KNOW that this is what you truly want. Nothing can stand in the way of your success, so even when fear creeps in, you’ll tell him to fuck off because you’ve got a world to impact! You see when the results are worth your wild, you won’t let shit come in between that! So even if no one signs up, you’ll tweak the program and launch again, with just as much enthusiasm as you did the first time! You will succeed at Plan A! So whatever you’re struggling to launch or do, think of your WHY and keep moving forward! 


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