You Got This Girl

Repeat with me: I feel good about myself because I get to decide who am I. I decide how I want to feel, who I want to spend time with and what I spend my time doing. I plan my life according to my desires and it feels so damn good! I’ve been affirming this ALL morning and my energy is through the roof! And you know I hate keeping kickass secrets to myself, so I had to share it with you. Literally I’ve been standing in the mirror deciding who I am! I am smart. I am sexy. I am witty. I am a phenomenal coach. I am abundantly wealthy. I am overflowing with glee. I am in the best shape of my life. I am a badass entrepreneur. I am an amazing daughter, sister, friend and mentor. I am everything I desire and so much more.  

And because I know this, I plan my life according to those rules. I have the freedom to decide that I am WORTHY of choosing who and what I do with my time. So today I am choosing to interview a badass entrepreneur for my Girl Crush Series and spend time with my niece. I freaking love the life I have created for myself and I am thrilled to see what is coming my way! So reply and tell me Who you are! Hit me with 7-10 powerful I Am statements! - your fairy god mother ❤️❤️ 

Here is the link for my interview today! 

Ayanna is an amazing spiritual mindset coach helping people with self love and creating wealth. 

Girl Crush Series w/ Ayanna


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