Drop the Should

I am 27 and by this time in my life I imagined I would ...

Be a college graduate Engish Degree.

Married (maybe thinking baby).

Working at a successful PR firm.

Having brunch every Saturday with friends, discussing politics, sex, and celebrity tea.

But I had a list of HOW MY LIFE SHOULD LOOK and anything opposite of that would be a failure.

And for a really long time I struggled to let go of the idea that I am a failure.

I dropped out of college more times than I can count, I’m no where near close to marriage ( I am very much single), and I gave up on my dreams of being like Samantha Jones from Sex and the City (PR maven).

I needed to stop beating up on myself for all of my “mistakes” or shortcomings and realize that EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS WORKING OUT FOR ME.

I am single now because the previous men didn’t deserve to be my husband.

I dropped out of college because the traditional route wasn’t for me.

I don’t work in PR because I am meant to be a Life Coach for ambitious women who are ready to heal and let go of the past limitations.

My life didn’t go according to the plan I made at 13/14 and that is okay.

No matter what you thought life would look like now - you are STILL on the right path.

Everything that seems like a detour is preparing you for something better than you could’ve ever imagined.

Don’t allow the should’ve, could’ve and would’ve hold you back from enjoying your life as it is - right now.

You are on the right path.​

PS: Here is my latest Girl Crush Interview with Kierra Jones


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