Facing Rejection Head On

How many times have you heard NO from a potential client and it felt like a shot to the heart? Dozens?  I know I hear it ALL the time when I’m coaching. Honestly, I was the same way when I dm first started, each time I would get on a discovery call and they would reject my offers, I would lose more and more confidence. 

I felt like the rejection said MORE about me than it did about them. I never thought that maybe they weren’t ready to do the work - it was ALWAYS about me and I MUST have be doing something wrong. Each time I heard NO it became harder to sale the next time with as much confidence. I was losing momentum quickly and I needed to figure out WHY before I gave up on myself. As a Mindset Coach, I KNEW that something was blocking me but I just didn’t know what...so I got to digging. Why did the rejection sting so bad...it made me feel like I wasn’t worthy of my desires. That something was wrong with me. Why was it so EASY for me to question my worth? — I lacked a Father Figure growing up and spent most of my teen years and early twenties looking for men to fill that void. I was in search of love and validation because if I was able to get a guy to love me than it meant there wasn’t anything wrong with me. It meant that I wasn’t the reason my father walked away. I mean seriously, a father walking out on me without any explanation left me wonder WDF IS WRONG WITH ME! Why wasn’t I worth the effort? Why wasn’t I worth you being there? Secretly, I was struggling with my own insecurities and NOT only was it affecting my love life but now my business because I was so worried about being accepted by clients that I wasn’t showing up powerfully! I couldn’t separate the two - clients telling me NO was another representation of me not being enough/ not being worthy. So I needed to do the WORK. I needed to heal and address my Daddy issues because I KNEW what was possible if I only let go of the idea that I’m not worthy or not enough. And honey child once I did, the flood gates opened, not only have a created a healthy relationship with my father but I’ve had more success in my dating life and started closing sales in my business with ease. Healing was an instant confidence boost because now I KNOW nothing is wrong with me. I am worthy of love. I am worthy of my desires. I am worthy of receiving money. I am worthy of Hell Yes Clients. Me just being me means I get to have what I want - I don’t need to change. I just need to surrender. I am amazing at what I do and it’s because I’m not afraid of going through the darkness to get on the other side. I know that we live in an Abundant Universe and if it means I need to face a few Ugly Truths about myself and my life to get what I want - BRING IT ON!! I’m WILLING to do whatever it takes and I KNOW that I grew up the way that I did so that I can live out my purpose and show other women how they can heal themselves. That the past does not define you and TODAY is an opportunity to start fresh. So if your are ready to start over, message me, I have 4 spots available to work with me exclusively for the next 3 months. Together we will help you gain the confidence to heal the past. Begin to forgive, let go and create healthy boundaries in every area of your life. Welcoming more fun, more money, more love and more adventure(even naps). 

So decide that you are worth it.

You are worthy of more and today is the day you get to have it. 

PS: Questions to ask yourself: 1. What are my earliest memories of rejection?   2. What does hearing NO ultimately mean about me and what I’m doing? 3. How can you use rejection to your benefit? 


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