Coaches can be annoying 🙄

I almost gave up on Coaching before I even started. 2 Years ago, I had a discovery call with a Business Coach (let’s call her June) and June was really nice in the beginning until it was time to pitch her services. June told me it was 10k to work with her and I explained I couldn’t afford to pay her. And June took it upon herself to tell me people who REALLY want success figure it out, they take out Credit Cards or get Loans to work with me. 

June let me know I was making a “BIG MISTAKE” by not hiring her and that I had basically just wasted her time. When we got off the call it made me question, if I was really serious about my business. Because at the time I was just starting out - I was a totally newbie. And 10k was 1/4 of my YEARLY SALARY and I wasn’t in a position to make that type of investment. I would have struggled to make payments every month and ultimately been unable to fully focus on my business ( I would have just been fixated on making money) - IDK maybe this is a limiting belief but I feel as though COACHES shouldn’t bully people into hiring them. June should have been confident enough in her services that I just wasn’t an ideal client and the right person would come along. At the time, I didn’t see it as needy energy but that I wasn’t good enough. And she played right into my insecurities - June knew what to say to me, to make me crack, but I ultimately GHOSTED her and blocked her on Facebook. June tried to make me feel like I wasn’t resourceful enough and that meant I wouldn’t be successful. When what she COULD have done was offered me a group program, a digital course or even a freebie but something to help me along my journey that showed me I was more than a DOLLAR SIGN but a person she wanted to help. A few months later, I was able to invest in coaching at a premium level but I WAS NOT going to give it to her. And as COACHES you should always remember that someone may not invest in you NOW but they may months later or refer you to someone else. But when you treat people poorly, you gain nothing. COACHES: Don’t be afraid to post the price of your services or your starting rate in “FEAR” that you are going to scare people away. TRUST that you will get on the phone with people who are committed to working with you. And now you will not “waste” your time trying to convince someone or bully someone into hiring you. Clients: Understand that you saying NO I WILL NOT HIRE YOU in no way means that you aren’t fully committed to changing your life. There are a million ways to get everything you want and this particular person just isn’t what you want. 


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