Maybe I am broken

I am broken. I am broken. I am broken. Obviously I am (right ???) Something has to be wrong with me that I continuously attracted the wrong type of people in my life. People who were out to just Use me and dispose me when they are done, especially men. 

My father walked out before he even got a chance to meet me, so he must’ve knew I was trouble. My first boyfriend stole my purse because I didn’t want to have sex with him on a park bench, so he left me stranded and never spoke to me again. Even when I made guys wait before having sex, to prove they really cared for me, they still left me. They still hurt me. I felt broken. I felt damage. I felt like everyone could see my wounds and they either used I‎t to their advantage or seemed petty on me. I had every reason to cry and I did - sometimes daily. I see you, breaking down and trying to mask the pain with a smile but I’m here to tell you you don’t have too, I’ve been where you are and there is a easier way to deal with the pain. 


You are whole and complete exactly as you are. You are amazing. We all are!

2. You don’t have to hold onto this pain anymore. 

You can choose to heal and let I‎t go. The pain isn’t helping you anymore, I‎t once protected you but NOW you are in control and do not need saving. 

You are ready to free yourself, break away from the shackles. 

I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong and why I‎t was so difficult to find someone to love me. Once again in 2017, I was on my bathroom floor crying for salvation when I‎t hit me, I DID NOT LOVE MYSELF. I was looking for love in all the wrong places because I‎t was always within me. I wasn’t broken or damaged, I was just mislead and following a pattern of women who didn’t love themselves. 

I use to feel like a dented can of peas in the supermarket that everyone just pushes aside.  And I was determined to break the curse. I was determined to LOVE myself. 

And I know you are too! You want so much more for yourself you just don’t know how or where to begin. 

—> this is where I come in, I’m ready, willing and able to show you what you’ve already known to be true about you. 

Here is what I did.... Everyday I pointed out reasons to LOVE ME. 1. Lakisha I love you for always seeing the good in others. 2. Lakisha I love you for always finding a reason to smile. 3. Lakisha I Love you for always being honest about how you feel. 4. Lakisha I love you for your commitment to growth and expansion. 5. Lakisha I love you for your tenacity, you don’t give up. Everyday I found a reason to love myself and at first I‎t was hard but overtime, I‎t became the highlight of my day! And now I love myself UNCONDITIONALLY and I‎t feels damn good. I love you and I want to see you LOVE yourself. Maybe your struggles aren’t with men but whatever the disconnect is that’s causing you to second guess your worth needs to be addressed. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of prosperity. You are worthy of your desires. You are worthy of appreciation. And now is the time to call I‎t in and remind yourself how fabulous you ALREADY are! You don’t need to change a thing because you are WORTHY OF LOVE EXACTLY AS YOU ARE. And I want you to tell me below: 3 reasons why you can love yourself today! 


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