Birds of a feather

You are the SUM of the 5 people you spend the most time with - Jim Rohn When I was just a little girl my mom would always tell me "Birds of a feather, flock together" and I would roll my eyes at the overused cliche.

Until this weekend, I flew back to NYC to celebrate my Best Friend Kira J, sold out AMC movie premiere, Breaking Point. Kira received a standing ovation from fans and family who traveled thousands of miles to celebrate her success. Breaking Point is Kira’s first starring role and job as editor, director and producer. 

Kira finished her movie while raising a beautiful baby Girl who was also stars in the movie, as well. 

I cried tears of joy congratulating her on ALL of her success. Watching Kira birth this movie like a second child from start to finish; 8-18-18 will forever be a monumental date in history, of dreams coming to light. And it got me thinking about the NEXT chapter in my life, how I have been afraid of applying for speaking engagements. I've always envisioned myself selling out stadiums (Tony Robbins style) and speaking on Oprah Super Soul Sunday stage but I had this lingering "fear" of (1. Getting on stage and forgetting what I wanted to say 2. No one showing up). Truth be told, I'll always know what to say and I know I can always count on my family to support me. So my fears are just my imagination, just a way for me to procrastinate. Pushing my dreams further and further away - until now. MY BEST FRIEND IS A SUCCESSFUL FILMMAKER! Bird of a feather, right?

She didn't allow her fears to hold her back, she used it as ammo to move forward. Kira stepping into her power, motivates me to do the same. Of course, I can totally become a public speaker, I have nothing to fear, I will be a natural on stage. —> Today I am fully committed to applying to 3 speaking gigs! You know I’m ALL going taking action - right now! You cannot sit around wishing and hoping that your life changes or you can be an activate participate in changing it. Which is why having an awesome circle of friends is so important because they will inspire you to live BIG. When you are surrounded by people who choose to live abundantly, you feel pulled to do the same or you couldn't be their friend(you would need a certain spark or optimism to stick around). You can’t be a Debby downer and expect people to want to hang around you. Tim Ferris, Lisa Nichols, Oprah, Beyonce, Steinfeld aren't hanging out who people who aren't on the quest for success. They are spending time with movers and shakers in every industry. You are the SUM of the people you spend the most time with and although, you can have people around who aren't chasing their dreams and love to start drama - why would you want too? You can go way further in life if you keep a circle of badass people. And I don't mean to drop your friends but have a conversation with them about where they see themselves in the next 18 months? (Evaluate if you want to be apart of that future plan). Then ask yourself: where do I want to be 18 months from now? What STEPS can I take today to bring me closer? PS: See what people are saying about the movie! Breaking Point - Kira J Sending you abundance ❤️ 


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