Time to call in more

I’m stuck. I don’t know what to write but I know that I must write something. But the coach in me is saying there is no such thing as stuck, I am just choosing not to find the words. So now I’m just rolling my eyes as I write this post hoping the more I write, the more inspired I’ll be to say something incredibly profound that you’ll reply back and thank me for helping you so much.  

Anyway I am sitting at a coffee shop writing this blog post for you because I know you need to hear from me today. So how about we discuss STRUGGLE? Struggle to apply for the new job. Struggle to get another promotion. Struggle to find your purpose in life. Struggle to make more money in your business. Struggle to live abundantly AF, right now. No matter what struggle you are facing they all have the SAME solution - make a NEW empowering decision. Decision to see yourself differently. Decision to be free from struggle. Decision to be in total alignment. Plus decision to ASK for what you want. You see you’re spending so much time complaining about all the things you’re unhappy with in your life instead of actually doing something to change them. You are refusing to take responsibility for where you are - so you can’t change things. You’re pointing fingers at everyone but yourself and that’s the ONLY way shit is going to change for you. 1000% responsibility, you know ownership of the shit you did to get you to this unhappy, misaligned place. And I know it may feel like I am picking on you but I’m not, I am just calling you out on your BS excuses. The same way I do myself and my clients - I don’t let ANYONE in my space become a victim of their own mind and you are no different. So just freaking decide to no longer struggle. Decide that you can have it all. Decide that you are worthy now. Decide you are ready. Decide you are resourceful. Decide you ALWAYS know what steps to take next.

Or you could spend more time in struggle. Complaining about all the things ONLY you are capable of changing but choosing not too. I mean it is totally up to you. But I would bet my life and say you’re ready for radical transformation but you don’t know HOW. So you haven’t asked for the things you REALLY WANT because you’re stuck on HOW it will happen for you. And that’s you taking the PUNK way out and I am calling you out. Struggle is a choice. So let’s decide now to ask for what we want and expect to receive it. You hear Abraham Hicks and other spiritual teacher say - Ask and it is given - so just ask already. What do you want the Universe to deliver to you? If I was a Genie and I granted you 3 wishes, what would you ask for? Because honestly, if you were asking a Genie, you wouldn’t focus on HOW it would happen, you would just expect for it to happen. Just like a wishing well, you throw your coins and just EXPECT your wish to MANIFEST. TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT? Tell me what keeps you up at night. Tell me what you day dream about. Tell me what experiences you crave. Comment below and speak with PASSION, the Universe is listening.  


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