Love Letters

Dear Lakisha, I am so proud of you. Every goal you’ve set for yourself has come true and then some. 2018 has easily become the BEST year of your life and things are only getting better. You have easily sold out every program you’ve launched working with incredibly driven women and made a fuck ton of money in the process. 

Lakisha you have helped countless women radically transform the way that they view themselves and how they show up in the world. Helping women see how powerful they truly are and worthy of everything they desire. I love knowing that women can count on you to be vulnerable and raw about your story and STILL prevail despite the odds. Not all heroes wear capes but you are constantly setting the tone for how women can truly love themselves unconditionally. I love seeing you wake up everyday FULL of energy and thrilled to start your day. Hopping out out bed with hundreds of reason to be grateful and spread joy. I see you shinning, you are madly in love with your work, constantly making new amazing friends all over the world and attracting some really awesome guys to date. Your social calendar is lit AF. You’ve recently added published author and motivational speaker to your resume, has only made you even cooler because you are actually doing the things you’ve set out to do. This is what happens when you STOP making excuses for why things can’t happen and just decide that everything is possible for you. The goals you use to affirm 3 years are now your reality and you deserve every blessing that is coming your way. When you step on stages, you are overcoming every fear you’ve ever faced and crushed it. The limitations you once used as an excuse to stay in your comfort zone are now pushing you to new heights. You are making miracles come true not only for yourself but the people you speak to every day. Your hustle inspires hundreds of people to step up and be REAL about what they really want in life and actually go after it. It’s amazing to see the results you’ve gotten in your life the past few months just by showing up consistently and choosing to believe in your ability to succeed. Your self care game is through the roof! Daily dance parties, bubble baths, afternoon naps, journaling and massages - you’re constantly on top of your emotions and being in flow. I love it. You’re just a totally badass! The amount of fun you have in your life everyday is phenomenal. Laughing your ass of on live trainings and sunny days by the pool - life is good. Traveling to new beauty cities San Francisco, Athens, Santorini, New Orleans and so much more. You have a million reasons to smile and you never forget that. Words cannot express how happy I am for you and all of your accomplishments in 2018, and next year will only get better. I love you and I want you to win! PS: I write letters to myself all the time congratulating myself on achieving all of my goals. Not only does this help me get clear about what I want but it’s a manifestation technique to call it in. Write a letter to your future self and read I‎t daily. Tap into the vibration of the version of you who has ALREADY achieved everything on your list.  

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