Creating Healthy New Habits

Clients are constantly asking me - HOW TO DO I CHANGE BAD HABITS?

Honestly, I’ve been having entire coaching sessions around this particular subject and I don’t want you to miss out on this epic strategy. Grab a pen and paper and let’s get started.

1. Create a list of your daily actives

Everything you do from start to finish in your day.

- Wake up

- Brush Teeth/Shower

- Scroll through Instagram

- Drink Coffee

- Head to Work

- Check email

- Lunch Break

- Pointless meeting in the conference room

Whatever your day consists of - also include the “bad” habits that you want to change.

2. Next, to each habit write out if it’s a positive or negative habit.

Things, like brushing your teeth and eating a salad, are positive + habit but scrolling on Instagram for hours or skipping out on the gym to binge-watch The Walking Dead is a Negative — habit.

The best way to DETERMINE if a habit is good or bad - ask yourself: is this habit of helping me achieve my goals? Is this habit of helping me become a better person?

3. Once you’ve identified the habits you wish you change, STOP and ask yourself: Why haven’t I taken action? What pain have you linked to this action?

EX: I’ve put off writing my book.

Pain: Although, I desire to be a New York Times bestselling author - I’ve attached pain to that goal - who the hell am I to be writing a book. I tell myself I haven’t accomplished enough that would make people want to read my book. And I self-sabotage (procrastinate - bad habit) to avoid hurting myself in the future.

ASK yourself: What is holding you back from taking action? What are you afraid of? What pain will achieving this goal bring you?

4. Write down all the PLEASURES you have gained in the past by relying on these bad habits.

EX: Grey’s Anatomy is my favorite show and I love distracting myself into the lives of the characters, it allows me to take my mind off what is going on in my life. So I spend hours watching reruns of the show and it makes me happy. It’s a short time fix and totally self-indulging with a snack included.

5. What is it COSTING you if you don’t change? What are the LONG TERM effects of your behavior?

EX: I’ll never be an author which means the world will NEVER hear what I have to say. People who NEED to hear my story will not benefit or change their lives because I was too cowardly to write the book. I don’t get to be the megastar - I’ve always dreamed of.

6. What PLEASURE will you gain from TAKING ACTION? What will you gain from replacing the bad habit with a productive version?

EX: I am not only a New York Best Selling Author but I am on a 15 city book tour, meeting and greeting fans who love the book and want to share with me - their growth as a result of reading my book. I am apart of Oprah’s book club and invited onto Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday for a chat about triumph and tenacity.

Remember: 95% of our daily actions are from our Subconscious meaning on autopilot and this activity forces you to acknowledge what you’re REALLY spending your time doing and what needs to change. Allowing you to address the REAL reasons why you haven’t changed your crappy habits for the better.

The more automatic behavior becomes, the less likely you are to consciously think about it - begin to acknowledge what's happening everyday in your life. And change the things that need some work and MANIFEST your desires with rapid speed.

Take the time to do this exercise and let me know how it goes. Let me know what ACTION steps you are going to take to bring you closer to your goals.


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