Are you open to change?

How the HECK do you expect to change anything about your life when you can't even change your drink order?

I bet you've been ordering the same drink for YEARS and you never try anything else because you're sticking with what worked (in the past).

I mean I totally get it - you have your favorite food, favorite drink, favorite restaurant, favorite nail polish color or whatever. You play it safe - if it's not broke don't fix it type of attitude.

But that same kind of thinking is WHY YOU CAN'T call in abundance.

You're so busy in your comfort zone and playing it safe that you're not allowing anything new to come into your life.

You don't order a new dish because you're afraid you won't like it and will have to send it back or pay for it. And if you're too afraid to change your food order - how can you change your abundance consciousness.

We've been trained to attach PAIN to change and that's what's truly keeping you from everything you desire.

You're afraid to change the little things and the REAL shit that needs to shift doesn't even become TOP priority because you're too scared.

You're allowing the unknown to keep you stuck.

When you really should be out there trying new shit.

Experiencing all that life has to offer. Getting comfortable with change. Allowing change to be apart of your everyday life.

Today is a reminder to spice up your life (Scary Spice Voice).

Time to stop living your life on autopilot and call in more.

More love. More laughter. More fun. More money. More connection.

Trust I take my own advice - I went out for Ethiopian Food and guess what... I loved it!

If you are ready to CALL in Abundance - slide in my DMS and let's chat about how to can best serve you. I am a Mindset Coach and I LOVE helping women drop everyday struggle of scarcity and calling in ABUNDANCE.


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