Is it better to be right or be happy?

I have a love/hate relationship with dinner parties. I love having all of my favorite people in one room, sharing love, laughter and food. But for the LOVE of God why can’t everyone be on time? 

Seriously, someone is always running late, resulting in the other guests, waiting around for people to show up. Nothing upsets me more than being hungry when I don’t have to be. Food brings me joy - it’s like a comforting hug.  I went to a birthday dinner party and after waiting an hour and half for my cousin to show up - I learned a valuable lesson. It’s better to be HAPPY than be right. When my cousin finally showed up, I was livid because I felt like she was disrespecting my time and efforts. I planned the dinner and was already there waiting with a few other guests waiting for her to arrive. When she finally showed up, she didn’t see anything wrong with what she had done. She actually called ahead to the restaurant to change the reservation for a later time but I was already there. And I spent the rest of the night COMPLAINING! I was rude and I didn’t care that it was her birthday! And I felt that I was right and she should apologize (with promises to never do it again). 

I totally made the night about myself and that wasn’t okay. I didn’t allow myself to have a good time because I was so fixated on my anger and being right.  Although, I still believe I am right, knowing what I know now - I would have handled the situation differently. 

I would have put a pin in my anger and enjoyed the night. I had my makeup done, a brand new outfit, I looked so cute and I wasted it being pissed. 

I would have just had a conversation with her at a later date about how I was feeling. 

No one can upset us without our permission and now I choose to look at things differently. 

I choose to NOT allow anyone to get me so worked up. I choose to change my expectations and always have a snack in my purse. I choose to not allow something so tiny, snow ball into something bigger. Here we are years later and my memory of that dinner is sad, I wish I could have brushed things off and addressed them later on. Enjoy the moment. Got me thinking, how often do we ALLOW ourselves to get pissed off when we could easily choose happiness? Tell would you rather be right or HAPPY? 


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