You Have No Excuse

I didn’t have a plan.

I didn’t know how.

I didn’t know when.


I knew why I needed to change my life.

The fear of waking up 5 years later, in a dead end job, complaining about Monday mornings.

I had to make a change, I couldn’t keep blaming other people for my lack of success and happiness.

I had given away my power and I choose to take it back but the thing is I didn’t know what to do with it.

All I knew is I wanted more.

Honestly, I wasn’t even sure what more meant but I was willing to find out.

So I made a list of 4 things I wanted to include in my awesome life.

1. Travel:

I want to travel all over the world (with first class accommodations).

Working in customer service limits the amount of vacation time you are granted and completely takes holiday off the table.

I wanted a Christmas vacation on the beach (as a New Yorker, that was impossible).

2. People Person:

I knew I wanted to interact closely with other people.

I’ve never been the type of person to sit behind a desk, I need to be moving and meeting people.

Working at clothing stores, I could get people to tell me their entire life story in 5 minutes flat. Ultimately, leaving the store feeling better than when they walked in.

3. Time Freedom:

I hated not being in control of how my life is spent. Having a manager plan your ache around

10 other employees is nerve wrecking.

I wanted the freedom to decide what days and times I wanted to work.

4. Money:

I wanted a fuck ton of money.

The struggle of trying to be healthy and questioning if you have enough money to add chicken to your salad - was going to be over.

I wanted money to live in a gorgeous building, drive a nice car (not worry about Gas prices) and take my family on trips.

The more money I have, the more good I can do for my family and my community.

And the more I questioned my BIG vision for the next 5 years, the more work I did on myself.

Letting go of any past mistakes and doubts about my ability to succeed.

Allowing self-love to be the driving force of my business - Our Lips Are Moving has changed the lives of so many women.

And it all started with one choice - decision to choose me.

Love yourself enough to change.

Love yourself enough to want better.

Love yourself enough to do the work.

I love myself, can’t you tell.


Tell me what you want!

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