You wouldn’t have anything

If you woke up TODAY with everything you were grateful for yesterday, what would you have? Honestly, most of you wouldn’t have anything. 

You would wake up without - a bed to sleep in - a house to live in - car to drive every day - the cell phone you’re reading this on - no money in your pocket/bank account - no friends or family (yesterday you said they annoy you lol) - use of your body (never say Thank You for being healthy). Spending WAY too much time complaining about ALL the things that aren’t going on in your lives, that you don’t take time to be grateful. You forget to appreciate the things you once prayed for and now have. You’ve just been so focused on accumulating more and more crap or achieving the next goal(which is great but it shouldn’t start there). Often times, people (myself included) believe that life will be so much BETTER once I achieve this next thing. Once I get a new car or lose ten pounds or get in a healthy relationship - all will be right with the world and THEN I can be happy. When that is totally not how this shit works because there is always going to be more to accomplish - dreams and goals never stop expanding. And if you’re waiting for external things to be happy, you’ll constantly be trying to fill a void. Once you achieve something,you'll begin desiring something new - thus placing happiness further and further away from you. I mean we all do it - we forget to be grateful for the THINGS we once prayed about. Yesterday, I had to scold myself for not being grateful for my life in LA because I wanted more. I keep dreaming about a place in Malibu that I forget how incredibly AWESOME my place is right now. Literally, I am sitting at the pool while writing this message to you and I am choosing to be more present and more grateful. Remember, energy goes where energy flows. If we spend MORE time in gratitude the Universe will send us MORE things to be grateful for. Why not spend the NEXT 7 days in total gratitude mode - being EXTREMELY grateful for everything we ALREADY have in our lives ( allowing us to spend more time in bliss). I mean you’ve got to admit, complaining is completely draining and a poor use of time. When you’rein gratitude, there is a certain spunk and charm you’ll add into your personality because you aren’t taking anything for granted. Day 1: Today I want you to reach out to ONE person and thank them for being a part of your life. Tell them why you are grateful to have them - share a memory of a moment they totally had your back for and how that made you feel. I send my friends messages all the time like OMG I am so grateful to have you in my life, you keep me sane. And this challenge will HOLD us all accountable to do this more often. PS: I sent 3 message, I am just overflowing with LOVE today. Message me back and tell me you’ve completed day one. Tell me who you thanked or just scream shot the message. Here is a QUICK 5-minute gratitude meditation I recorded for you. I know you will love it.


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