Truth About Self Worth

Never make someone not being interested in you about you and your self worth. I’m speaking from personal experience when I say if a guy didn’t call me back or if a potential client said they would hire me and then stopped responding to my messages - about me not being good enough. Thoughts like: I’m not smart enough (why would people pay me). Things never work out for me. (Why would this be any different). I’m unlovable (man just love to ghost me). Honestly, I can go on and on with the negative chatter but I’m sure you get the point. What I’ve learned about MYSELF (and you) no matter what happens with other people that doesn’t affect your self worth. We will ALWAYS be worthy. We will ALWAYS be good enough. We will ALWAYS be deserving. We will ALWAYS be available to good things happening for us. Once we release the NEED to question ourselves everything things don’t work out, you’ll attract MORE of what you want. Think about if you JUST fully believed you were 1000% worthy of everything you wanted, you would show up differently. You would take Aligned action - attracting different ideas, people and circumstances to yourself. I’m speaking from experience because my life changed drastically! And I’m much happier for it! I Know that everything is working out for my highest good and I am open and available to so much more = more good things happen! Make a commitment to yourself to be and feel worthy. No one can change your worth (except you) so stop discounting yourself! 


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