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I’m Lakisha Mother Freaking Corbett and I get to decide how I spend the rest of my life. 

I still remember sitting at my day job writing this on a post-it note and telling myself, one day it would be true. 

NEWS FLASH:  one day doesn’t exist!

As I quickly grew tired of living the same day over and over, heading to work complaining about home, heading home and complaining about work. It felt like a never-ending cycle and I couldn’t breathe. 

So I said screw the rules, I quit my day job, moved from NYC to LA (having never left home before) and started my Coaching business. 

Truth be told, I was scared out of my mind, I grew up in low-income housing, in a single parent home and heck I even struggled to pay for community college but now stand here happier than ever before because I took back control of my life. 

As cliche as it may sound, I knew there was more to life than just paying bills and waiting for the weekend. 

After struggling with self-worth issues, I made a commitment to myself that every day I would show up as the best version of me. 

She just fucking trust that the Universe is on her side and together they will find a way. And that’s what I love helping my clients do. 

Honestly, I just JUMPED! 

The fear of “wasting” another day in a life I was unhappy with scared the crap out of me. So I overloaded my brain with Self Help books and everything else I could get my hands on. 

I began to rewire my mind to see more Abundance and opportunities that I never thought were possible. 

I am happier than I have EVER been and not because life is easy but because I KNOW how to handle when things don’t go my way. 

I am not jumping to conclusions or taking rejection personally because I know who I am and certainly who I am not. 

I spend every day deciding how I want to live my life and with the help of the Universe, things are only getting better and better. 

And that’s why I love what I do because I am constantly learning new things that I get to share with phenomenal women, that they can also apply to their own lives and thrive. 

PS: I am so exciting be to RELAUNCHING MY COMPANY. Our Lips Are Moving has grown with me for the past 3 years but I am ready to embrace the growth of my company and where we are heading into the future. 

You can look forward to continuous personal development tips with new podcast, speaking events and published author in 2019. 

I couldn’t be more thrilled to make this change with you by my side. Say Bye to our lips are moving and hello to Lakishacorbett.com 

Plus I now have the TIME freedom I have always craved to pick my niece up from school, travel the world or have a dance party in the middle of the day!


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