Don’t Be Basic

Ugh I am kinda annoyed with you today. ✨ Because I know how incredibly amazing and talented you are and you’re wasting it by being basic. ✨ Basic people allow their fears to stand in the way of their greatness. ✨ Basic people allow the opinions of others stop them from doing what they love. ✨ Basic people PRETEND to be happy in a life that can’t stand because they don’t know what they want. ✨ And you my friend are far from basic and it’s eating you up inside every time you shrink down and live this mediocre life. ✨ Now I’m not saying you have to want a private jet and a beach house in Croatia but I know you want MORE than what you are allowing yourself to ask for and receive right now. ✨ You’re sick and tired of living pay check to pay check. ✨ You’re sick and tired of loving people more than you love yourself. ✨ You’re sick and tired of putting everyone else’s needs before your own. ✨ You’re sick and tired of blaming other people for why things aren’t better in your life. ✨ And most of all you’re sick and tired of being unhappy. ✨ You deserve to smile every day and now your smiles are few and far between. You aren’t enjoying your life and it’s starting to turn you into a basic bitch and I just can’t sit around and watch this happen. ✨ So this is your wake up call, it’s 2019 the year you go big. ✨ The year you give yourself permission to have fun and go crazy. ✨ The year where you start your business and share your gifts with the world. ✨ The year where you try new things and show up as the badass you were born to be. ✨ You can’t pretend anymore, I’m calling bullshit on this scam of a life you’ve been living. ✨ Give yourself permission to live. 


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