One Simple Question that Changed EVERYTHING

I wanna let you in on a little SECRET of mine. I spend about an hour a day(minimum) journaling. I’ll typically ask myself “What do I want to Manifest” or “Why haven’t I Manifested what I want yet” and either questions allows me to really dig deep by getting clear on what I want and what is standing in the way (resistance that needs to be cleared). And it’s ALWAYS powerful and helpful because I tap into alignment and easily come up with action steps to make things happen but for the past few days - things have been going even deeper. And of course I am going to share it with you. 

Here is the one simple question that changed everything. What does WORTHINESS look like for you on the other side of your desires? Mind blown right. When I’m on coaching calls or even in my personal life, the idea of WORTHINESS pops up. Am I worthy of love? Am I worthy of success? Am I worthy of money? Am I worthy of my desires? And of course, questioning your worth or enoughness doesn’t mean you believe bad things should happen to you but that you believe something outside of YOU is missing. You must possess it before you can manifest wealth, health, success and prosperity. And this journaling question anchored in the belief that WE ARE BORN WORTHY. The void we fill is based on the beliefs we CHOOSE on a daily basis. There is nothing we can EVER say or do to make ourselves unworthy. WE just are. But other core beliefs are what we are actually manifesting in REAL time. So if you don’t believe you are worthy of love, you’ll attract unstable relationship. If you don’t believe all of your financial needs are met and then some, you’ll constantly be struggling to have excess cash. Even if you make a ton of money, you’ll attract more bills and disasters (car breaking down or hospital bills that will take up all your money). So let’s get REAL about what we BELIEVE worthiness looks on the other side. Just to give you an example: here is a few of my answers regarding love. I wrote out what I believe and what other women (who have what I want) believe. I had the belief that I was unworthy of LOVE because I didn’t possess the same characteristic of other women - who have what I want. Other Women: Excellent communicator. They are willing to tell their partners how they feel and what they want. They are willing to openly discuss their emotions. ME: Terrible communicator. I didn’t feel comfortable telling my partner what I want or how I felt because I was afraid it would make me seem needy. OR that they would walk away because I wasn’t “worth” the extra effort. Other Women: They aren’t looking for anyone to complete them because they ALREADY feel whole. ME: I believed I was incomplete without a man in my life. So I was constantly in search of the next guy. When things didn’t work out with one, I didn’t give myself much time to heal. So I repeat the same mistakes because I was seeking vaildation and the ONLY person who could give me that was myself. Other Women: Healthy Boundaries and Standards They believe that they should be respected and treated well. They have expectations that their partner must meet and if they don’t they are committed to walk away. They believe that other GREAT guys do exist and they do not have to be treated like crap. ME: Very little boundaries and low standards. I’ve stayed in relationships with men who have disrespected and cheated on me because that is ALL I believed I could get. I didn’t think the good guys would be interested in me, so I picked the “best” shitty guy I could find. The guys wouldn’t curse me out or hit me but would GHOST me or cheat on me. When I totally desired more. Other Women have a confidence about themselves. They know they are the shit and that any man would be lucky to have them. ME: I was faking every bit of confidence. I knew I was beautiful but I never learned how a man is suppose to treat a women. I was just winging and making up the rules as I go along. NOW I AM DOING SO MUCH BETTER. Moral of the story: 1. I believed that I could ONLY possess the worthiness and confidence that other women have once I got into a relationships. And that’s totally BS. I (we) was born worthy. I (we) have always been worthy. I (we) always will be worthy. Nothing that we can say or do to make us unworthy. 2. I needed to change my beliefs. If I continued to believe my needs are never met in relationships, men will ghost me or break my heart - then I would continue to attract those type of men and situations. I now identity as a woman worthy of love. So that if I attract a guy and things don’t work out - I won’t feel like he took a piece of me with him. OR that him not staying in my life means I’m broken or damaged. I’m no longer trying to make every guy my soulmate. I trust and believe that the right guy exist and is on the way. Maybe you’re already in your dream relationship - but this advice applies to all areas of life. For example you want to MAKE MORE MONEY but you don’t believe you are worthy of having MORE THAN ENOUGH. You believe you need to work extra long hours. Or get another degree of certificate or sacrifice your sanity. You don’t believe it gets to be easy. So it constantly feels like a struggle for you, so you procrastinate or overwork yourself with little to no results. Although, there of thousands of books and stories of people who have made a fuck ton of money and are having the time of their life. But you’re still choosing to hold onto your beliefs. So you’ve gotta ask yourself: What will worthiness look like if I had excess cash? And whatever answers you come up, begin to EMBOY those characteristic. Like I said before it isn’t a worth issues, its a belief issues. When you START showing up as someone who ALREADY has what she wants, YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT. NOW I WANT YOU TO GRAB A PIECE OF PAPER AND CREATE YOUR OWN LIST. What does worthiness look like on the other side of (insert your desires)? What characteristic do you believe other people possess that you don’t? What NEW traits will you adapt? 


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